Pray without Ceasing.

“Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks.”

This past week has been pretty exciting. It is exciting in the things of God in our personal lives.

God is giving William and I a renewed passion and hunger to seek God. Praise God!

One of the blessings has been that as a family, our hearts are more naturally inclined to pray. We are praying throughout the day. Driving my kids to school in the mornings, we pray about the day before us. I sometimes lead the prayer, other times- my kids pray for our family. We pray when we are at home. Nothing fancy…but prayers that connect us with God. An open conversion with God, inviting Him into the ordinary moments of our day.

A few days ago, I was totally overwhelmed and grumpy. It had been a long day. A loud day with 5 children demanding my attention.

A VERY loud day. Do they create extra noise on purpose, I often wonder. 😆

I stopped beside my kitchen counter, my head cupped by both my hands. I had nothing left to give.

Seeing my despair- my 2nd daughter said: “Mummy, do you want me to pray for you?” It was the best act of kindness she could have offered me. “Yes please!” I eagerly replied, welcoming her gift of prayer.

There is power in prayer.

Do you know that prayer can change things? Do you know from experience that God can give you strength when you pray? Or when someone prays for you? I know it. I’ve experienced it. Prayer is a powerful gift from God.

So today, I want to share with you a cool story. In my heart- it is a powerful testimony of God’s faithfulness and also the brilliant way that He can answer more than one prayer at once….

Friday morning, my oldest daughter was sad and frustrated as I dropped her off at school. I tried to encourage her by reassuring her that I would be praying for her during the day.

She was not reassured. She took zero comfort in my prayers that day.

She retorted: “God doesn’t care about me!!!! He never listens to me!”

Ouch! I knew she was just fragile, but my heart grieved for her. (& kinda for God’s heart too, if I’m honest) “Lord, please remind her that you care about her. Show her that you are near to her heart”, my mother heart pleaded silently.

I continued to pray for her during the day, as she popped into my head.

After the school pick up, my children and I were looking forward to seeing our neighbours who lives across the road from us. We had planned a coffee date/ playdate at their home. I planned on bringing some afternoon snacks, but eating dinner at our house after the catch up.

Ariella asked me: ” Mummy, are we having dinner at their house tonight?”

“No, baby”, I told her. “Just a playdate for you, & coffee date for mummy and daddy”. “Ohhh”, she sighed. Clearly disapointed.

Moments later, I announced that our friends had just extended their catch up with us, and invited us to stay for dinner. They had text me to ask if we would like to come over for a bbq dinner.

Ariella was suprised. “Mum, did they really invite us over for dinner tonight?” she double checked. “Yes, baby girl. How lovely is that?” I happily replied to her.

“Mum! I prayed that they would invite us over for dinner! Just then….while we were driving! I asked God to please let them invite us to stay for dinner!!!! God heard me!!! He answered my prayer!!!”

“Hallelujah!!!!” I cried out!!!!! “Ariella! That’s awesome news! You won’t believe what else. This morning, I prayed that God would show you how much he cares about you. I asked Him to remind you that He hears you and loves your prayers!!! So….God has answered both of our prayers today!”

To me, life doesn’t get better than this. These precious little moments that God uses to grow our faith. These moments where the Lord provides my daughter with a testimony of her own to treasure! This story will be like a memorial stone of faith in her life.

“The day when God answered Ariella’s prayer to have dinner with the neighbours”. This title would never make headlines in a newspaper, nor will it ever inspire the world to pay attention. However, in our home….this title was an echo of praise to our Saviour!!!!! A victory and triumph of faith. A blessing from a loving Heavenly Father.

These are the things that fill my body with energy! These stories of God’s goodness! God is real! He cares! I know it, and now my children are witnessing it themselves.

May God bless you, and your household. May the God who created you and loved you since the beginning of time flood your spirit with joy. I pray, that this week….you will be brave. I pray that you would dare to pray to God about something and expect to see or hear a response! Share with God the personal things in your heart: your dreams, your fears and your requests. Ask God to speak to you in a way that you know how much he cares about you. Pray with anticipation, not as a test for God….but an invitation for Him to be part of the intimate parts of your heart.

When you see how much God wants you to be part of His story, and how much He wants you to allow Him into your story… you may just love Him even more than you ever imagined you could. Try it. I have never regretted it.

Love always Kelly xx

The day my Vacuum Cleaner died.

Hehe This is not actually my vacuum cleaner! Just a picture I found on Google, but it seemed to fit my situation. 🤣😂

This, my friends…is an unusul story. I’m sharing it:

1. Because I am very grateful for this testimony.

2. Because I feel like someone may need encouragement that God isn’t limited by our understanding or experiences.

3. God says to “pray about everything”…so, I’m taking that pretty literally this week! lol 😄😄😄😄

I am very grateful to have a vacuum cleaner. With a family of 7 in our home, we need it- everyday!

I was mid vacuuming the other day when my vacuum stopped working. I tried everything. I even let it rest, you know- time to cool down if it was over working? Nothing seemed to be helping.

In the past, my other vacuum cleaners have died in the same way. At some point, they just stop working. Give up their purpose- filled lives, and quit. I try to remind my vacuum cleaners: “Don’t grow weary of doing good!!!” hehe

I love my vacuum cleaner, it faithfully works day after day! Without it, my floor would be in disarray!

In my experience, even a day or so later, my vacuums have never regained consciousness. They wouldn’t restart.

In all seriousness, this time my mind went to the worst case scenario. I knew my vacuum had died. It was no use. My heart sank. More money to replace it. Money that could be better spent on other things. “Man, will the never ending expenses ever let up?” my mind whispered to me so quickly. Discouragement wanted to settle in my heart.

However, I am also feeling like God is feeding my faith each day. Reading the Bible has a way of reminding me that there are no limits placed on my Savior. So……I prayed!

Then… I waited…and tried again. The roar of the vacuum cleaner echoed like a symphony in my ears!!!!! Thank you Jesus, I cried out!!!!! Yes!!!!!

Now- the sceptical voice in your mind may say: “Meh…coincidence.” You may think…”That wasn’t God!” That’s ok, you didn’t feel the victory I felt! Some things you have to feel to understand.

In my eyes, it died. I prayed. God answered.

The same God that parted the Red Sea, brought me through the sea of dust in my floors! The sea in my life was a floor in need of cleaning. I joke a bit- but it’s still my miracle.

I pray that my heart never doubts that God cares about the tiny details in my life- and that this story will encourage my heart in the days when I need it most.

I pray that this humble, almost amusing story blesses you. Encourages you to see the ways that God can take care of the small details in your life, too. 💜

Bless you. Love always Kelly xx

Filled by God, means full of possibilities.

I have a God story. It started off with talking to a lady about butterflies.

I went to the bank yesterday, just before picking up my kids from school. I felt rushed, and almost didn’t bother going at all. Everything was stacked against my bank errand. 3 unexpected phone calls had already delayed my trip to the bank, and the looming deadline to collect my children left my heart racing.

I eventually found myself standing in line at the bank. Checked in. Hands covered in sanitizer and unable to relax behind my mask. Life was feeling a little claustrophobic and a little less personal than I had desired.

Another lady arrived, and took her designated place behind me. I noticed her mobile phone cover and smiled. It was a butterfly cover, full of many beautiful butterflies. Lovely and pretty.

I tried to make my eyes smile, because the mask concealed the friendliness I wanted to communicate. I looked at the lady and complimented her cover. “I love butterflies” I said. She warmed up to my interaction with her.

She commented on how she felt butterflies represented new life….or maybe hope.

I suddenly recalled a story someone had told me about the struggle a butterfly must go through to get out of their cocoon. I told the lady that if someone helps the butterfly out of their cocoon, apparently the butterfly will die. Something about the struggle to get out of the cocoon, actually equips the butterfly with strength to fly and flourish.

I felt a bit weird for sharing this random story with my new friend. I have expected her to look at me with a disinterested expression. However, as I looked at her- tears began to escape from her eyes. “I needed to hear that today”, she admitted.

The tears got my attention, and I felt like God had lead me into a “God moment”.

This lovely lady began to share her story with me. A story of heartache and loss. A story of her loved ones dying. More than just one loss, she had lost 2 loved ones- including her husband.

My heart broke for her. I awkwardly asked if she would mind if I hugged her. Im Covid times, a hug seems so forbidden. Would she want to risk a hug, in such uncertain times? Would she feel put off by my gesture of physical contact? This could feel very awkward for me if she declined.

But who can stand in front of a grieving wife, and not reach out to give a simple hug? An acknowledgement of her heartache. Thankfully, she gratefully accepted, and said “Yes”. She needed a hug. She needed someone to care in that moment.

After hearing more about her journey, I asked if I could pray for her. She again said “Yes, that would be great”. I felt self-conscious about the audience of bystanders around me. Even of the staff, watching my every move. The hug, the lack of social distancing….the praying in public.

The thing is, I felt compelled to love on this woman. To remind her that God sees her heartache. To just show her that 1 person, 1 random stranger in the bank noticed her pain. That she mattered, to me and more importantly to God.

After praying, we continued to connect and chat while waiting for our turn to see the bank man. lol I have no idea what I should call the bank man? Banker? Bank manager? Customer service man?

Eventually, we said our goodbyes and parted ways. I left feeling different. Meeting her changed me. I felt so grateful that I got to meet this warm and friendly lady. I also continued to pray for her, even after driving towards the kids school. She had lost so much. Her whole world had changed in the space of 2 years. Her heart was so raw and fragile- like any heart experiencing loss.

I also felt so grateful to God. You see, God set up that moment. He planned it. God knew about the delays that prevented me from arriving at that bank when I had planned to arrive.

God also knew that because of the loss of my parents, I would be able to empathise with the lady’s grief.

God knew and invited me to spend more time with Him this past week- filling my soul with His word and His love. God perfectly set up that encounter at the bank. He wanted to bless that woman, and bless me at the same time.

You see, a month ago….maybe I wouldn’t have been bold enough to pray for her. Maybe I would have chickened out. Maybe a month ago, I would have felt too empty spiritually to offer much compassion… Sure, my heart would have been moved… but not enough “overflow” to make much of a difference to others.

So I praised God. I smile at His goodness. At how clever God is. He is the “Grand Weaver”….the Great connector. He cares for that beautiful woman and he cares for me. He cares for you.

I also praised God for the work He has begun in me. I recalled only 4 years ago, being terrified to pray for a stranger in public. I was paralyzed by fear…unable to confidently offer a prayer for someone whom I didn’t know. I smiled in awe of how God had used many opportunities to grow a little courage in my fearful heart. He is reminding me of the promise that says He will be faithful to complete the work He has begun in me…

Thank you so much Lord, for allowing me to meet that lady. Thank you that she said yes, and welcomed the tiny bit of love that I offered her. Thank you for devine appointments….devine opportunities. I pray that you will bless her heart, comfort her and draw her near to You.

Thank you for reviving my heart again….for making me come alive in you.

Love always Kelly xx

“Husband, why can’t I feel God’s presence today?”

God works in mysterious ways…

Yesterday, I started off my day slightly confused. I couldn’t feel God’s presence. Not that I always feel God’s presence, but the day before I had felt so close to the Lord. I could sense His nearness…nothing compares to that.

William and I have been spending our past few days focusing on God. After a few days of really “pressing in”, keeping our hearts set on God- we are feeling pretty good.

A few days ago, I had a day basking in God’s presence…worship music playing. Feeling God speaking to my heart in little ways. Anyway…that’s how things began to be. Therefore, when I woke up yesterday- feeling empty and alone, I didn’t understand what had gone “wrong”.

lol I laugh- how petty and insignificant a few days sounds. I give God more attention for a few days…and I want rainbows and butterflies. 😂😂🤔🤗

Here’s the thing: God is so encouraging, and sometimes He blessses our devotion to Him. Like a hug from God, I can see why the Bible says “Draw near to me, and I’ll draw near to you”.

So because of the sudden empty feeling, I wanted encouragement from Will. I asked Will “Why can’t I feel God’s presence today?” I need God!!! I feel empty without Him!

Will reminded me that our relationship with God isn’t based on feelings. That’s why we love God’s word- the Bible. It is full of promises about God being with us. It is full of promises that He will never leave us or forsake us- regardless of how we feel.

Having said that: I still wanted to feel close to God. I continued to pray all day. I kept filling my spirit with worship music. I kept reading snippets from my devotions books and Bible. I decided that even if I couldn’t feel God in a tangible way, I would fill up my time by seeking Him. I say this and mean that my heart and mind were thinking about God. Praying as I was busy doing normal mum life things. No one else would see a difference, but there certainly was in my heart.

Anyway, around lunchtime, my children and I had a little nap. It was the highlight of my day! I turned my phone on silent, and enjoyed some rest.

When I woke up, I had a text from a friend…. saying that she had left a coffee by my door.

Coffee….and a treat!

This beautiful friend called Kirsty, had left me such a sweet gift. My heart burst with joy! Kirsty said she wanted to let you know that she was thinking of me as I’ve been trapped home for weeks now with sick children. Nothing terrible, but enough that I can’t mix with others or catch up with my friends.

Honestly, it was a God moment. Kirsty was so incredibly generous and thoughtful. I needed some love that day. I thanked my friend…and I praised God!!!! I knew He saw me, He cares about me.

The moral of the story isn’t that because I was blessed- I know God cares. The cross is enough to show His care. Amen? 🤗

What I’m saying is that when my heart is set on God, I see His love for me in the little things. I feel HIS love for me, through the acts of kindness from my friends. I see God’s hands move in my life. I notice more. I pray more. I believe for more!

Thank you God for the little things. Thank you for the moments you love on me, via the people in my life. Thank you that when I feel your love poured out in my life, I want to love others more too. Help us all to be more like Kirsty….. Help us all to love like you do. 💜

LOVE always Kelly xx

Ever present help in times of need.

Brielle and Ariella by the cross, looking over Eden Valley, South Australia.

This is more a journal type blog. Or maybe just an update on our life? It’s simple and short…

Life at home for Will and I has been rough. Not as a married couple- but as parents. One of our children is struggling, and because they are struggling- we struggle too.

We have had some angry parent moments. Moments where we feel hopeless and overwhelmed. Moments we feel almost abused and so badly mistreated by our own daughter. Can you relate at all?

So…after trying to numb ourselves by a thousand distractions or treats…we eventually have tried to strengthen ourselves in the Lord. Turning back to God with more passion than normal for us. Pressing in, you know? Praying more. Reading more. Filling our spirits up with things that bring our hearts closer to His.

We are praying for and with our daughter. We are praying for each other as parents. We are clinging to the God who blessed us with each one of our children. He loves them more than we can fathom.

And God is so faithful. We are feeling our hearts coming alive again. Renewed. The Bible is more interesting than before. We feel this deep well of faith rising up within us.

Nothing has changed. We still need miracles in our home for our parenting, and for our daughter’s heart. We still face daily challenges.

The difference is God. The hope we feel in Him. The joy we feel in Him.

Today as Will and I spent time with God…nothing was impossible. We felt sheltered by God.

So, we are determined to strengthen our weary mumma and pappa hearts in the Lord.

We are believing for breakthroughs. Believing and trusting that God will help our children, especially when they are anxious or sad. We are praying purspose over their lives Praying that they will love God with all of their hearts.

We can’t afford to give up. To see things from our earthly perspective. We need to ask God for His wisdom.

I pray that if you are in a season like us, maybe feeling battle weary and tired in general, that God will draw you near to Himself. Strengthen you and uphold you with His mighty hand. I pray that even if you are just feeling unloved or unappreciated, that God will show you His love in a tangible way.

This was God’s love offering to me. A friend called Madison suprised me with this random gift of flowers. It was given at just the right time….

Love you, my friends…

Love always Kelly xx

When the power went off.

When the electricty turned off, everything in my home became worthless….powerless. When I am living without God, I am nothing…powerless and worthless.

Good morning. 😄

How are you feeling today? How was your week?

Mine was a roller coaster! South Australia was in a one week lockdown. So, my family of 7 were stuck home. Comfortable in our first world situations, which I’m grateful for. We had food and homeschooling via the internet from my girls school.

Although I should not complain- I gotta say: “I was desperate to escape my house!” I wanted to go for a drive with the kids. Go for a walk, but the weather wasn’t great. In a normal day, I like the opportunity to get out of the house.

Anyway, thankfully our 7 day lockdown is over. I know many states have it worse.

My message this morning formed in my heart one day during the lockdown. Unexpectedly, our electricity failed. For about 4-5 hours.

Without power on, suddenly my world became challenging. Nothing worked! Everything was hard. Stressful! We had no way to cook food, and no way to boil the kettle. Suddenly, making baby Henry a warm bottle was impossible. A cold bottle was possible- yes. But Mr. Henry would have to be greatly hungry to accept a cold bottle. (Again- first world problems😶😅)

No cold bottles for this little cutie. 🤗

I looked at everything in my home differently without electricty available. The lights were useless. The heated off. The microwave had no hope. hehe 😄😣 No kettle also meant no coffee.

Then my eyes rested on both my Thermomixers. They are quite expensive..and helpful for a large family. However, in situations without the power on: they are absolutley worthless. They are nothing without electricty. A world without power available would make them worthy of the bin. They only function with electricity. On their own- they are nothing.

It was somewhere in the chaos of the power failure that I started thinking about God.

How much power would my life loose without Jesus? What value would the things that make up my world be, if Jesus wasn’t part of my daily life?

I guess….like the electricty, at times we may forget that it is Jesus who makes our lives work. It is God who gives me the very breath in my lungs! Without Him, my life is a shell. My heart is empty, my hope is gone.

I’m not saying this as merely lip service, or as false humility.

Here’s a sobering thought:

Imagine if God was out of the picture. For a brief moment, think about the absence of God from your heart and life. I’m not even meaning the times that we choose to distance ourselves from Him…or feel distance from Him. I’m talking eternal separation.

It would literally feel like Hell, except on Earth. I cannot fathom God not being there. Once you have experienced God in your life, you cannot do life without Him.

Without Him….there is no hope. Nothing in my life would have eternal value, or much earthly value. God is…everything. Without Him I can do no good thing.

This may be a little lame of analogy- but God is the electricty or power of my life. In my human nature, at times I may take Jesus for granted. Forget that the Holy Spirit is my helper. Forget how much grace He provides in my daily life. God gives me courage. It is the fruit of HIS Spirit that gives me love, joy, peace patience, kindness…faithfulness….etc

My power failure experience was a subtle reminder of how much my household relies on electricity. Without it, I have no heat and no way to cook. Even the water from our taps stopped flowing, because it uses a pump to get the water from the tank to the sink. Who knew?

Without God in my life, everything would stop. I am nothing without Him. My life would go back into “the dark ages”- empty and primitive…

“Lord please forgive me when I take the gift of your salvation for granted. Help me to praise you everyday for the joy and life you have given me. Thank you that even on my darkest day- it is filled with more hope and light than the best day of my life before you.”

Thank you, Lord for all that you do. For the things I’m aware of and also the many things I haven’t realised.

My prayer for you today is that you are filled with joy. Joy in the incredible, unfathomable gift of God in your life. I pray that you will take a moment to acknowledge how great God is. Without Him we can do nothing. He is our hope. Our peace…our everything!

I pray that if you are struggling with hopelessness, that He will become your hope. I pray that if you are lonely, God will be your Father. He will be your husband. Your brother. Your closest friend. The Lord of your life. He is the Father to the fatherless. Husband to the husbandless. He is all that we need. Cry out to Him. He is there. He is here.

When all is dark around us, He is our light. Our ever present help in times of need. Our Prince of Peace.

You get it 😀 God is everything.

Hallelujah! God is good.

Love always Kelly xx

This is totally unrelated to my post hehe But….here are my 4 girls. Making playdough during lockdown. 😄😄😄 Cuties!

Life is better with Jesus.

Life is better with Jesus.

Specifically- my life is better with Jesus. Sounds like a no brainer, but it is a powerful recognition of the truth.

This past week or two, William and I have been more purposeful with the time we put aside for God. We have been starting our days with Jesus, praying and reading some scriptures. Then, at the end of the day…we end our evenings with Him too. Plus, trying to invite God into the ordinary moments in between.

Now I have to say…God continues to astound me! Everything is better when Jesus is the center. Hear me out. I know life can still be horrible and overwhelming and heart breaking- even with Jesus in your life. However, William and I have noticed our lives feel more balanced with God leading us.

We feel God’s grace more tangibly aiding us through the day. “I could still do with lots of extra grace each day, Lord!” hehe

With God’s grace- I’ve started writing bits of my book “Strawberries and milkshakes” again- With some encouragement from my friend Paula 😉 (& my husband William). I come alive writing testimonies of His faithfulness!

Flashback photo of me writing when Haven was still young. She is almost 3 now, and we have had another baby in the mean time. 😄 I’m praying God will help me get this book written in His timing.

With Jesus as our focus, even my relationship with Will feels more special. We are both feeling more excited about life, and we are connecting with God together. I’m really grateful that we both are on the same page, and encourage each other in the things of God.

My point is that in our home, whenever we decide to connect with God or make more efforts to spend time with Him, we feel better. We cope better. We pray more. We laugh more. I dance around the house more, just to be silly. Jesus makes our hearts come alive. 😄😄😄😄

No, it’s not about striving or “doing the right thing”. I’m not saying life is better, because we are “doing better. or acting better etc”.

Sometimes, in His grace- Jesus comes to us…in our weakness and in our exhaustion. When we can only fit in a 5 minute devotions or a 2 second prayer. Jesus knows you. He loves you.

One step at a time. He won’t leave you xx

However, when you are in a place where you can seek Him… wow. I wouldn’t trade God for the world. I look forward to Heaven one day, but until then…. Jesus is enough for today. When He is near me, life is better.


I am praying that God will continue to stir my heart towards Him. I pray that you will also feel closer to God this week, and more aware of His presence in your life. Thank you Jesus, that you make our hearts come alive. Thank you Lord, that you welcome us back from the dry seasons and the exhausted seasons. That you are with us in every season. Thank you that you are my ever present help in times of need.

Love always Kelly xx

Where’s my faith gone?

In my daily life, this is a simple reminder that “Sometimes…you have to look at things differently.”

“Where has my faith gone this past week?” I’ve been asking myself this question.

At certain points in our marriage, my husband and I have been full of faith and courage. In the past, we have trusted God in some pretty overwhelming moments and situations. God has been so kind to us, and given us a thousand testimonies of His faithfulness. In fact, He has given me enough stories to fill a book about His faithfulness.

So why is it so easy for me to forget how great God is? How have I forgotten that in my weakness, He is strong. That His grace is sufficient for me?

A perfect reminder of God’s promise. One of our friends children did this gorgeous picture.

This past week has been full of turmoil. Inner tourmoil for Will and I. We were praying and thinking about our future. Specifically about having more babies or not. We are pretty terrified, to be honest.

We told God in the past that we would trust Him in regards to our family. We know from scripture, that God can open and close the womb. I understand it sounds foolish in today’s world, but God has a different journey of faith for each person. Our story may be totally different than yours. 💜💜💜

However, when you get to a certain size as a family – it really takes a lot of faith and courage to continue to trust Him.

In each of our lives, trusting God is easy in some situations and terrifying in others. Am I right?

For us- apparently 5 children is our number that has stretched our faith. It was easy to trust God in general until now, but after 5 children… doubts creep in. Can we continue to trust God with our family size? It feels impossible.

What is your “impossible” faith journey? What impossible things is God asking you to trust in His care?

I know that I’m not alone. As Christians, we all have our moments of sheer terror. The Bible is full of stories that required tremendous faith.

My point isn’t really about our family size or family planning. We are blessed to have 5 beautiful children, and God promises to lead gently those with young children. I love this verse!

My thoughts today are really about how easy it is to forget who God is. How great God is.

One of the amazing things about God is that He has blessed us with the Holy Spirit as our helper.

How have I forgotten that I don’t need to face each day in my own strength?

How have I forgotten that God says in His word not to worry about tomorrow?

Why do my thoughts race ahead so quickly? Most days are overwhelming enough for 1 day. God was pretty wise in telling us to not worry about tomorrow, to just focus on getting through today. It’s more manageable that way.

“Jesus, please help me to remember who you are. Please remind me to invite your Holy Spirit into the challenges of my life. Help me to remember that you have never abandoned me. That you will continue to lead Will and I gently, especially when we are raising these little ones you have given us.”

“Father, please encourage my faith each day. Please forgive me when our faith seems to evaporate and disappear so quickly! Please remind me that faith comes from listening to your voice, and reading your word. “

“Help me to turn to You when my faith is shaking. Help me to run to your word and remind myself of your promises.”

“Finally, Lord please help anyone who may be reading this post. Please show each person how much you care about them. I pray that you will give each person strength to continue to put you first each day. Please help each one of us to trust that you are a loving God. Give us all more faith.”

Love always Kelly xx

Welcome back.

This photo oozes with the love from Henry’s big sisters.

Hello, welcome to my blog. It’s been a long time! I haven’t shared my stories in over a year, I think.

I wrote a few posts after my mum died, but then I felt like I lost my voice. I didn’t have anything encouraging to say and I struggled with such a huge amount of grief. Yet, some grief looks silent.

How many times can you say “I feel a little lost without my mum”? How can you describe how your heart feels when grief changes something indescribable in your heart? I’m not sure. Having said all that… I missed you! I missed writing! I missed sharing my random thoughts and my life. So here I am!

Since my last post…I think I had just found out we were expecting our first son? Our 5th child. Sounds funny to even say it out loud! “We have 5 children!” 😄😄

Well, on the 16th of January 2021 we finally welcomed our first son into the world. Little Henry. He is blessed to have 4 big sisters who adore him!

This was our first family photo. It was taken the day I got home from hospital.

Henry was a big baby at 10 pounds, 1 ounce. 😄

I was fed up being pregnant. I want to say that I was patient and glowing. I wasn’t either. I was heavy and swollen.

Yet, the reward of holding Henry in my arms the moment he was born was tremendous. The journey of the pregnancy had worn me out in many ways. However, as soon as I held Henry my heart cried out: “He was worth every moment”.

I don’t say that lightly. In fact, I honestly begged my husband in those last few weeks of pregnancy to never let me get pregnant again. To remind me if I got clucky that pregnancy is hard work! It was my hardest pregnancy.

I had no fight left in me. No resilience or determination to “hangnin there”. It was probably because my heart was worn out from the death of my mum just months before we concieved him.

There was also so many unknowns. I was happy with my 4 girls, and had never experienced a boy baby.

What would life look like with a boy?

It looks like snuggles in bed each morning with all 4 sisters eager to cuddle Henry.

Henry is 4 months old now. Since his birth we have had a massive change in our lives. We suddenly left Alice Springs in the Northern Territory to move back to South Australia to be with family. I missed my family. Will missed his family. We missed friends.

In my next post I will hopefully share some of the extraordinary things God did to take care of us in the process of moving.

We are now living in a little town called Bethany, in the Barossa Valley. In the old Lutheran Manse. Which is dedicated to the glory of God.

My prayer and hope for my life is that one day our lives will be like our home: Dedicated to the Glory of God. 💜💜💜💜

I am excited to reconnect with you all again. I’m excited to share my stories with you.

After all, life is meant to be done together.

Love always Kelly xx

My 2 favourite guys. My incredible husband William and little Henry. Gosh, they look cute!!!!

Before I knew about you….

Hello, Hello! Welcome 😊

This week has been a full week. We began our week by trying a new homeschool curriculum with our girls, which is exciting. So far, so good.

But Friday was the biggest day! Our ultrasound day!!! The day we hoped to find out the gender of our 5th baby. We have 4 little girls already- would this make a 5th daughter or 1st son? The anticipation!!! Thankfully, our scan was booked in for 8am. Our friend Debbie came with us to the scan, while my friend Katy looked after our other 4 children.

The stakes were high. Many people saying they hoped it was a boy. As if we lacked a pivotal part of the puzzle without a son. Hehe Others said it would be easier to have all girls. My husband didn’t mind either way, and he is a proud dad of our 4 girls. However, he’s always had a desire to have a son.

I have never had a real craving to have a son. I thought a son would be nice, but if we had 9 daughters…I probably wouldn’t feel disapointed. It’s funny how we are all wired different. Although, I have had some very sweet cuddles with a couple of baby boys recently that may have melted my heart a little. That – and my nephew called ‘baby’ Jamie is very cute! So I was a little boy clucky.

Ultimately though, girls are all I’ve ever known. My girls are each such precious gifts. I have never felt like I was missing out because I only had girls. My tribe of girls are the best. And I thought that whatever the gender of this bubba- I would feel excited. No doubt I would have been thrilled either way.

When we were told that this baby was a boy…we were sooo suprised! I told the ultrasound man that I didn’t believe him! Hehe

Then he told me to look at the screen. He pointed to the part on the screen where you could tell the gender. It was certainly clear. “We have NEVER seen one of those on our scans before!!!!!!” 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

The ultrasound man told us it was conclusively a boy. No doubts.

Then something happened. My heart was filled with joy and excitement!!! I felt so proud of this little baby growing inside my tummy. Who knows why! Proud of something the baby had no control in! 😆 My heart changed in that moment. Like my heart grew. The shape of my heart changed. Like how it changes when you welcome your first baby….then your second baby and every one thereafter.

So we are expecting our 1st boy. Our first Son.

A son I didn’t know I was craving in particular. In fact, maybe I would have even chosen another daughter if I had of been given a choice. It’s easier to crave what you already know and love. How can you desire something, when you feel so content with how things already are? Why change things?

Because I didn’t know…

I didn’t know we were missing anything. I didn’t know that I would feel such joy. Who knew that my heart would react so strongly? Who knew that the revelation of a son coming would change my outlook?

Suddenly, when I see boy babies in the shops I feel really blessed that we will hold our own boy in January. Suddenly, I’m part of another club: “The mother of a boy” club. Haha I’ll be part of the conversations about raising little boys. (I’m a long term member already of the raising girls club) 💜💜💜

This morning at church I felt God’s presence really strongly. It was refreshing.

I was thinking about the baby growing within me, and laughing to myself at how overly excited I feel now. Like how shocked I was when I fell in love with my husband, and became the most mushiest love struck girl out of my friends. When I had always thought that love was gross or that hanging out with my friends would be more fun.

I suddenly realised something deep and powerful. I never knew that a boy/son could add anything to my life. A boy surely couldn’t make much difference, when I had all that I craved in my girls already.

Just like us and God.

Before you come to know God or ask Him into your life- you just can’t see it.

You can’t fathom how the revelation of knowing Jesus could possibly change your life. Why would you? Your life is so full of good things already?

Or maybe bad things? Maybe you think knowing God could make things worse? Too many rules? Sundays are your sleep in day?

But on friday the 14th of August, at our ultrasound. Life changed in a monent. My future changed. I haven’t even held this baby yet or seen him with my eyes- but none of that matters. The mere knowledge of him is enough. My connection with him is enough. The promise of things to come, is enough to start with.

I pray that if you have never craved a relationship with God- that you will have a life changing moment. Like my scan, when my ears heard “It’s a boy” and my heart came alive in such an unexpected way. (But a million times better when you encounter God!)

I pray that even if you don’t ‘see the need’ to know God or feel like it would add anything to your life…that one moment could open your eyes. That you would feel a joy you never expected. Your heart would experience something entirely new!

Maybe you just don’t know about it yet…

Because you don’t know Him. You don’t know yet. But He could suprise you. Just like my little son has suprised me.

Love always Kelly xx