Sneaky Devil

This week I have realised a sneaky trick of the devil, the father of lies.

We all have committed plenty of sins that we are not proud of. We face temptations, and our sinful nature sometimes leads us to make bad choices – if we are not careful and alert to the sin that so easily ensnares us.

Sometimes, we look back at the sinful things we have done and feel ashamed or convicted. Hopefully the convictions of our sins bring us back closer to Jesus, to seek forgiveness and to repent and turn away from that sin.

However, the devil tries to trick us. He tells us that because we have sinned in a particular area (e.g. sexual sin) that we cannot encourage others to live a Holy life of sexual purity. The enemy tells you that if, for example, you didn’t wait until marriage to have sex, you cannot encourage others to wait until marriage either – for fear of being branded a hypocrite. So, although you have been forgiven by Jesus, you are still trapped by the lies of the devil. The Devil wants you to forget that Jesus has paid the price for your sins, and that His blood is the atonement to restore us back to God.

So we remain silent. We see a fellow Christian being tempted in that area, or worse, actively involved in sexual sin with no remorse. However, we are voiceless because of the guilt and because we haven’t had the freedom of purity that brings authority to preach or encourage someone else in this area.

Well, it’s a lie. If you have been forgiven by Jesus, and truly repentant, your voice can be heard. Do not be afraid of “being a hypocrite”, but encourage someone whose struggling or going down a sinful path. Re-direct them and use your experience to highlight the consequences of that sin. Be honest about the disappointments you feel now.(e.g. Because you didn’t wait for marriage). This is how our testimony has the power to transform lives, because we can use our experiences to show others the grace of God, and remind others that God’s directions are there to empower us to live a life worthy of His calling.

I will not live a life of compromise because of anything I’ve done wrong in the past. The old has gone, and I’ve been redeemed by the blood of Jesus – and so have you! I will not allow Satan to hold me in bondage, and watch as sin ensnares the people who I love most in the world. I will pray for those whom God has placed in my life, and when the whole world declares that sin is OK, I will stand firm in the knowledge that Jesus has led us to paths of righteousness.

love always, Kelly.

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