Ahh…if you say so.

Tonight my family was driving to my brother’s house. My 7 year old daughter Ariella asked where we were going. My husband Will, replied: “Uncle James’s house.”

Ariella looked doubtful and said: “Are you sure? This doesn’t look like the way to uncle James’s house.”

My husband reassured Ariella that he knew the way.

There was a pause, and then Ariella said in the most unconvincing tone: “If you say so…”

This is how I’ve been responding to God recently. I feel God leading our family in a certain area and my heart can’t capture God’s vision. So like Ariella, I am unconvinced and say to God: “If you say so…”

But here’s the thing- God knows exactly where He is taking me. God knows exactly how I work and how I think. God knows that even though I don’t always understand His methods, I always love the end result.

Where ever God leads me is where I want to be, because God’s plan is always better than my plan.

Help me Lord to trust your version of the plan. Give me courage to not run away when things are hard. Help me to say with confidence: “If you say so, Lord!” Love always Kelly xx

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