Something has to go! ❤❤

I’ve been reading an old Christian magazine this morning called “Above Rubies”. I love it because it values the simple things like motherhood (& Fatherhood), in a world where parenting is so negative.

I’m a number 1 guilty person! I’m a complainer! 😂😶 Our words are powerful & I use negative terms when talking about “my day with the kids”. It’s understandable when parenting can be challenging, & we don’t usually see the rewards of our parenting straight away.

Here’s the problem: I have a dream to raise a large family! I have a dream to foster children and even adopt children! However, if I’m complaining about the challenges now with my beautiful 4 girls, I can’t see how God would be super keen to bless me with more children in our home.

Something has to go! I suspect it is my own attitudes and “rights” to complain. I can choose to change, with God’s help….or I can choose to let my dreams and purpose in God to die.

Would I rather get to the end of my life comfortable and not too stretched, or would I like to see what God can do in my human weaknesses- where God’s grace shines the greatest?

Hear my heart: I’m so far from where I want to be in Jesus…but I am feeling the little nudges of the Holy Spirit. He is Good. His work in us all is gentle and perfect. But today, I’m giving Him permission to transform my attitudes towards the role of motherhood and the children He has given me. ❤

Love always Kelly xx

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