Courageous Chicken! 😄

I should introduce myself: my name is Kelly and I am a “Courageous chicken “. It’s my favourite oxymoron! I actually feel so much joy when I call myself a courageous chicken, because it is a term that reminds me of how clever and sneaky God is!

I guess you would like to know what I mean? My whole life, I’ve been a chicken. I have been afraid of many things. Afraid of what people think of me. Afraid of the dark. Afraid of the unknown. Maybe afraid of failure. You get the point, I’m sure.

Even as a Christian, I’ve been afraid. This is a little bit funny, as the Bible tells us to “fear not” or “do not be afraid” many times. I was even afraid to pray for Christians- inside church! I think I was afraid that I might not pray “well enough”!

Anyone else ever felt like that?

Some people are very gifted in the art of prayer…so I was afraid my words wouldn’t measure up. I wanted to pray a ‘powerful prayer. 🤣

So, I started praying that God would give me a heart for prayer! This was a dangerous prayer!

Have you ever prayed a prayer and God answered it in a crazy way?

This is one way that God made me “Courageous”, by taking away my fear of praying for people. Well, honestly: I was still afraid to pray for people, but when God puts a desire in your heart to pray for someone- He gives you courage to do it.

Over the past few years, God has been gradually answering my showing me that prayer is so important.

Mostly I sense when God wants me to step out in faith and pray for someone.

Today I can laugh at God’s sense of humour, and His faithfulness! I have prayed for many people in the funniest situations:

I have prayed for a lady in the bathroom of a ladies toilet, after I shared my testimony at her church.

I have also prayed for some aboriginal ladies who were grieving: in Coles supermarket, while breastfeeding my screaming baby!🤣😂 (If you knew me, you would also know that I used to be afraid to nurse my baby without a breastfeeding cover! (I’m still shy at heart, but we live in the Desert now…it’s too hot for covers!)

I’ve prayed for a lady at a petrol station, an injured man at hungry Jack’s and most recently ; I prayed for a car to start in front of a group of tourists! (But that’s a story in it’s own rights!)😂

Here’s the thing: it’s only God who can claim credit for my craziness! (& Courage!) 😄 I know that I’m a chicken, & without the Holy spirit, I would never do anything that made me feel embarrassed or out of my comfort zone.

I love that God can do impossible things: If He can make me brave, when I’m afraid- Imagine what He could do with your “Yes”!

Maybe today, God is speaking to your heart about trusting Him to make you a “Courageous chicken”…❤

Love always Kelly xx

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