Matters of the heart.

I love chatting with friends, and how God can use a simple conversation to make you think. Tonight I was talking on the phone with a dear friend about matters of the heart and faith. Basically, my friend realized that it’s easier to have faith in the things that don’t hit so closely to our hearts.

So, it can be easy to believe that God will bless you with a new job, but somehow it’s harder to give God all your trust while you’re waiting for the person you want to marry!

I think that many people would be the same! Maybe you easily believe God for financial blessings, but are terrified that you will never have your miracle baby? This one I can relate to! I was always desperate to be a mum & we struggled to conceive our first baby. I trusted God in most areas, but I had such fears about never getting pregnant! Could I trust God with what mattered most to me?

God was faithful! Looking at my family now, no one would suspect that I faced fertility issues in the beginning! We now have 4 beautiful daughters! But God knows my history & the journey we’ve been on together.

Maybe you know that God always provides ministry opportunities, but you are afraid that God hasn’t given you any gifts or talents? Maybe your whole life has been a battle of insecurities! Have insecurities plagued you or held you back from stepping out in faith?

The major problem with these thoughts are that our perception is being filtered through our emotions.

God cares about the matters of our heart . God knows that “Hope deffered makes the heart sick, but a dream fulfilled is a tree of life.” Proverbs 13:12

God is faithful. You can trust him with all of the matters of your heart. Don’t keep anything separate from Him. His role of God in our lives is to take the pressure and stress of our shoulders. We get to cast our cares on Him, because He really does care about us. ❤

Love always Kelly xx

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