The light in the darkness .

Last night, God encouraged my heart is the most simple way. Through a night light sensor. You see, I’m staying at my mum’s house. Just before bedtime, I asked mum how I would see during the night to find the bathroom. She showed me the hallway night light that turns on when someone walks past it.

During the night, my 3 year old daughter Brielle, needed the toilet. She was nervous because the house was so dark! I held Brielle’s hand, and I reassured her that the light would turn on soon! But our first few steps were in the pitch black of night.

In fact, I even began to doubt that the light would ever turn on!

All of a sudden, our miracle occurred! The light switched on! We could see!!!!! Hallelujah! I acted like I wasn’t suprised, and had been totally cofident all along! Hehe 😄

The thing that spoke to me, was that we had to step out in faith first. We had no torches, no backup plan….Just the sole hope that my mum’s instructions were trustworthy. And then the joy and relief, when the light did it’s job.

Isn’t that a timely reminder for me and my mum? We are blindly walking through an uncharted territory of my mum’s cancer diagnosis. Somedays I feel nervous and unsure of the future, and feel like there is no light to guide us through.

But then, God uses a simple illustration to remind me that He is the light of the world.

How great is our God!!!!

Even in the darkness of uncertainties and all the health issues, I am not alone . God knows what my mum is facing and He loves her so much.

Thank you Jesus, for showing me that you are our unfailing light in the darkness.

Love always Kelly xx

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