All connected.

I love how God uses simple illustrations to speak to my heart. ❤ simple things can be pretty powerful. (Hehe I’m Humming “I will rejoice in the simple gospel🎶)

Last week my father in law- Jeff had a surgery on his throat. I’m not sure the technical location, but in that general area. He is recovering well, but his body has been really sore! Jeff commented that he had no idea of how all of his muscles were affected by his surgery. They were all connected!!! A simple cut on his throat had made it hard to turn his neck. The cut on his throat affected the muscles in his chest. And the muscles in his chest affected Jeff bending over etc.

I laugh at this simple image in my mind! How true is the Bible- that we are all the body of Christ? That each of us are connected, working together to be the hands and feet of Jesus.

What’s my point? We each can uplift those around us!

I might hear a powerful message at church on loving my neighbour.

So then the Holy spirit uses that message to give me the courage to write a letter to someone who is having a bad week.

That person may feel loved and in turn van tell their friend about the goodness of God- & how God reminded them that He sees their lonely heart.

Who played the most valuable part in That? Was it the preacher? Nope! It was everyone! Maybe it was the neighbour who received the card and told their friend about the goodness of God?

Who knows what the flow on affect could be?

I know that I’m blessed by the unexpected acts of kindness from unlikely people.

Recently, my family from church have gathered around me and lifted us up while we are supporting my mum. I expected nothing, except for their prayers! Yet, they have each played a collective role to bless and support our household. From airport pick ups, financial support, words of encouragement and loving phone calls! I’m blown away by each person’s support!

Could one person do it on their own? Definitely not!

And then there are all the generous friends and family in Adelaide who have been amazing! Bringing meals for my mum. Giving me a roof over my head!

Giving my girls clothes to wear because I didn’t know I’d be here so long!

We are blessed to be part of the body of Christ! I love the verse where Jesus said: whatever you did to the least of these, you did for me!

So be encouraged, God sees the part you play. Be encouraged, the gifts God has given you contribute to the gifts He has placed in others!!

Love always Kelly xx

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