What I see ❤

I am the proud mum of 4 gorgeous girls: Ariella- 7. Lylah-5. Brielle-3. Haven-1.

I love them to pieces! They are all completely different in their personalities. I love watching them grow up and learning about their strengths and weaknesses.

Today I felt God speak to me through my little cutie pie: Brielle. (Although we call her Bree Bree!)

Brielle (like all my girls) brings my heart tremendous joy. She’s the funny one. She’s cheeky. Brave and fearless. She’s sweet and petite and kind.

But one thing about Brielle is that she’s always so busy, she doesn’t have time (apparently) to brush her hair out of her eyes! 😂😆 I always have to say: “where’s Brielle? I can’t see your eyes!”

And she doesn’t like to smile for photos in a normal manner. Each photo is of her pulling silly faces. She loves it! She’s hilarious and full of energy and joy! She doesn’t care about looking sensible or behaving “properly”. She’s a character!

Just watching her do life refreshes Me!

Today, my mum took me out for lunch. Miss Bree Bree was running around and laughing, as usual. But her hair looked wild and messy! I was thinking about how often she has crazy hair and how it definitely doesn’t highlight her cuteness. 😂🤣

And then I had a God moment!

I looked at my beautiful & sweet daughter . I Just took a moment to remember all the joy she brings me and our family. All the sweet things she does that others don’t get to witness. I smiled as I thought about her ability to climb obstacles that her 7 year old sister can climb!

I looked at Brielle and saw her through the lens of a mother..So precious and the greatest gift in the world! I wouldn’t trade her for anything- messy hair and all. Hehe 😉

Isn’t that how God chooses to see us? He’s our Heavenly Father, and He loves us with a passionate love!

In that moment of watching Brielle, I felt the Lord watching me with such love. When other people may see my messy hair, imperfections and mistakes- God sees my heart. When other people don’t understand me; it’s ok….because I am cherished by the One who created me. The One who created all of us. ❤❤❤

Dear Lord, thank you for the gift of all of my children! I’m so grateful that you have trusted Will & I with 4 precious daughters.

Thank you that you adore your children, you delight in us..as imperfect as we are! Thank you for your forgiveness and unending grace! Thank you for the gift of salvation through Jesus dying on the cross.

I am undone by how much you love Me, and how you see me the way that no one else ever can!

Love always Kelly xx

2 thoughts on “What I see ❤

  1. I love your writings and your beautiful girls they are do joyful, just like their mama & papa.xxx

    On Fri, 11 Oct 2019, 11:09 p.m. Kelly’s testimonies, wrote:

    > Love always Kelly xx posted: ” This is my gorgeous 3 year old, Brielle. I > am the proud mum of 4 gorgeous girls: Ariella- 7. Lylah-5. Brielle-3. > Haven-1. I love them to pieces! They are all completely different in their > personalit” >


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