Think on these things ….

Right now, I’m enjoying a coffee. Baby Haven is asleep in the pram…and I thought of you! I wanted to share a few things that are swirling around in my mind.

Brielle is at an indoor playground type thing, waving to me occassionaly and enjoying her abundant supply of childhood energy! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜† whereas my energy comes in the form of caffeine!

Life is so interesting. A month ago, I arrived in Adelaide. I was excitedly awaiting for my brother’s first baby to arrive! I thought I would stay for a week or so, and then return to my home in Alice springs.

Within weeks, I’ve moved into my mum’s home and we now know that mum has limited time left. Maybe months. Her cancer has spread from primary bowel cancer, to liver and lungs. In the past 2 weeks, she has already gotten worse. But she is wonderfully brave!!! She loves God and knows that eternity in Heaven is better than a lifetime on Earth. Still- it’s hard.

I’m watching mum need to rest from her walk from her lounge chair to the front door. I can hear her in pain in the shower as the water puts pressure on her sore body.

How do you say goodbye to someone who is so amazing?? It doesn’t feel real.

But mum encouraged me this morning. She reminded me that we shouldn’t focus on the negative things. We must enjoy whatever time we have left. She reminded me of the verse Philippians 4:8.

Whatever is true, whatever is honorable, whatever is just, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely…think about these things.

Right now, people expressing their love and support for my mum is lovely. So we will think about that.

Right now, people covering us in prayer is lovely and good and praiseworthy.

The way the Lord is walking us through is each day is so sweet and kind and gentle. We will think on those things.

Although we are weak and fragile and teary. We are grieving some moments, and laughing at other times!

The only thing I cling to is that God will never leave me or forsake me. He loves my mum even more than I do. He won’t leave my mum to walk this journey alone.

Love always Kelly xx

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