Everyone’s battle❤

Will and I used to have a game we played when we were dating- when we were driving in the car. Well, I had a game…& Will had to listen. I call it ‘the road rage game.

It went something like this:

Will: ‘ahh! What is that person doing??? They can’t do that!?!’ (Driver making silly choices or breaking basic common sense rules 😛)

Me: ‘oh, babee….did you know what that lady went through today?” (Dramatic empathetic face to get Will’s attention)

Will: ‘what?’ (Confused look. .or more likely *here we go again look*)

Me: ‘Her boyfriend just left her…or her kids are being challeging’. Maybe I’d say: “her house burnt down yesterday”! I’d try come up with possible stories to why the driver was not concentrating. My point: you never know what is causing that person to be distracted. Who knows what they are going through??

Hehe I should say..I sound like a good two shoes 😛 at this point. I’m not. And there are plenty of times I judge people and don’t stop to think about the story behind their actions! I can hold people to very high standards and be unwavering in my convictions. I cringe at some of my attitudes towards others…or harsh words that aren’t helpful.

However this week, I’ve heard a few people share their journey with me during conversations. It’s really been an eye opener for me; a powerful reminder that each of us face different challenges and heartache.

For our household – I miss my husband and 2 of my beautiful girls in Alice springs. Plus, walking through stage 4 terminal cancer with Mum, definitely puts things in perspective.

Some people’s struggles are more visible than other people’s. Hearing my friend’s and family’s stories recently helps me remember this.

Some people may look fine, but be struggling with anxiety and depression – each day may be a mental battle!

Some people may be going through a break up or relationship issues.

I met a lady today, who had a cute little 3 year old girl. The lady and I were chatting and she explained her daughter ‘Olivia’ had autism. You couldn’t tell by looking at Olivia that there was anything different about her, but I learned that she also couldn’t feel pain. So Olivia’s mum had a big job to keep her daughter from hurting herself unknowingly. Olivia’s autism also caused her to scream at strangers when she was 2 years old. Apparently, a high pitch scream. 😂

Who could have known that this mother and daughter had faced such struggles?

That’s my point: you never know what battles someone is going through. You never know the journey someone has walked, unless they tell you.

But Jesus knows. Jesus faced many heart aches in his life. Betrayal. Rejection. Pain. Accusations. He knows what we face and He cares for us.

We should also care about others. Be kind, when possible. Try to be patient. You never know how your kindness might help ease the pain of someone who is facing their own battle.

I know that I’ve appreciated the kindness of others, especially now. It makes a difference.

Love always Kelly xx

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