Friends that make you smile β€πŸ’‹

I wish I had more photos to illustrate the amazing group of friends and family that God has blessed us with!

Above is a cute pic of our friends Laura and Jordon. One of many people in Alice Springs helping with school pick ups and drop offs for our 2 oldest girls. Our friend kyah has also been doing school runs and looking after Ariella and Lylah while Will finishes at work. Thank you sooo much!!!!

The rest of our Alice Springs family has been loving on Will and my girls. Especially our living Hope church family. Thank you, everyone! ❀❀❀

In Adelaide, God has hidden some precious gems along this unknown journey.

I wouldn’t trade this time with my mum for anything in the world. It’s exhausting and emotionally draining at times, but this time together is something to cherish. My mum is so courageous & the best mum ever! (Although I may be a little bias! πŸ˜‰)

And the meals!!!! I can’t even mention names, as I may miss someone out. But we have been tremendously grateful for the meals we have been blessed with.

And not only cooked meals-but food items that we need. Milk, bread and essentials.

Will’s parents (my in-laws): Cathy and Jeff, have been very good. From babysitting duties to organising a shopping delivery for mum- we are forever grateful for the way they have responded during this time.

All these things are making mum feel so uplifted! So loved! So remembered by God and by others.

Many people have visited my mum, but only a few people have helped during the boring bits! One of those people is my aunty Shirley. Aunty Shirley has come along to many appointments & patiently listened to our medical conversations. My mum is so thankful to have aunty Shirley ‘s friendship.

I’ve also been so loved! Some of my wonderful Adelaide friends havw volunteered to look after my girls, while I take a few hours rest. Friends like Catherine (katt), Debbie, Louise and Karen! Thank you girls!!!! They have done it so willingly, without asking anything in return!

So I just wanted to pause, & take a moment to remember that God is still good. In the midst of terminal cancer, God is still kind.

How do I know? Because God is moving the hearts of people to love on our family. God is moving people to support mum during a very vulnerable time. He is hiding sparkling gems of joy in the process of grieving. He is giving us the gift of friends who make you smile. β€πŸ’‹

Love always Kelly xx

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