Our detours maybe God’s path.

We usually associate detours with inconvience. Detours change the direction we intended to go.

Yesterday, I was driving ‘Home’ to my mum’s house. There was a road block up ahead of me, and a sign saying “detour”. The detour sign made me laugh, because it lead me straight onto mum’s street. So I thought to myself: ‘How funny that the detour is actually taking me where I needed to go!”

God spoke to my heart in that moment!!! I felt like the Lord was saying: “I’m taking you to the place you need to go.”

Maybe the ‘Detours’ in our lives are God leading us where we need to go!?!

Mum’s cancer seems like a pretty horrible road black and definitely not where we intended to go as a family.

I know that God is good. You can’t convince me otherwise! Because I’ve experienced too much with Him, to blame God for anything.

I know God didn’t purposely give my mum cancer! I believe that mum HAS cancer, but that through this process…God can still work ‘all things together for good’ (Romans 8:28)

So each day I am trying to remind myself of this truth in God’s word.

So each day, my prayer is:

“God please lead me along the right path. Guide my steps. Lead me gently. Carry me in your arms. Give me faith and courage, especially when the road ahead looks too hard. Thank you Jesus, you’re not done with me yet.”

Love always Kelly xx

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