Adventures with the oldies πŸ˜

Today we had an adventure! Mum, aunty Shirley and I were excited to go explore Inner national park! Haven and Brielle were less than excited! But as the above photo shows: we did get evidence of Brielle smiling- while she hitchhiked a ride in Haven’s pram!

Although the scenery was spectacular and the views were photo-worthy….I have to tell you something….

We were attacked!!! I was the primary target of the group. I was visiously attacked repeated by horse flies!!!! They looked sweet and innocent at the time: until they bit me!!

And not only did they bite, unprovoked I might add! They also chased us! Seriously! Aggressive, attacking horse flies! I was not impressed😐

I think mum enjoyed Today. It was a nice time together as a family. We feel refreshed.

My final note is funny. We got locked out of our holiday house! It just wouldn’t unlock! I tried. Aunty Shirley tried. Even mum gave it a go! No success! Finally- Brielle took things into her own hands! πŸ˜›

After all attempts failed: we had to contact the owner. Owner Brett saved the day! He brought his set of keys and they worked. After swapping the keys over, so we wouldn’t be locked out again- Mr Brett left, waving goodbye after a job well done!

Now, it’s time for a little afternoon rest!

Love always Kelly xx

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