He’s already prepared the way.

I felt God’s presence today in lots of quiet moments, while walking around Innes national park.

At one point I was walking, and in front of me was a little area for sitting & resting.

See the resting spot in the distance?

As I got closer, I saw a staircase leading towards the beach.

It was at this moment, I felt God leading me. ‘Do you want to see where it leads?’ Like an invitation.

At each level of the stairs, there was something interesting to look at. Something to enjoy and appreciate. An opportunity to pause and take a photo. Moments to look closer at the details of God’s creation.

I was in my element! (Maybe, because mum was watching my girls back in the car, so I was alone!?!?🤣😂)

I walked down to the beach. It was stunning. It was windy and loud, the waves crashing In the distance!

I felt the Holy Spirit whisper to my heart. I sensed God had led me here, a mini gift during this mini getaway. It was my mum who chose to come here, but God still knows how to captivate my heart.

As I began to retrace my steps back up the stairs, I felt God highlight something else.

Someone else had gone before me and prepared to make a way for me. Someone else had made this moment possible for me. Without the builder, I couldn’t access the beach. Without the stairs, there would be no way for me to continue down to the beachfront unharmed.

Isn’t that what God does for each of us? He prepares the way for us. He goes before us, giving us His strength to do the impossible.

Thank you Lord, that you go before us. Your mercies are new every morning. You lead us besides still waters, you restore my soul.

Thank you Jesus, that you prepared the way for us long ago. At the cross. Thank you for the gift of salvation, because without you it would be impossible to access Heaven in our own strength.

Love always Kelly xx

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