The bucket list.

In a few of my recent posts, I’ve shared that my mum is unwell. Stage 4 cancer. Primary bowel (which was treated and no longer detectable), and now secondary liver and lung cancer.

So mum has decided she wants to enjoy whatever time she has left!

I asked her a few weeks ago: “Mum, is there anything you’ve always wanted to do?”

Mum: “well actually I’ve always wanted to go to the York peninsula. There’s a beautiful park called Innes national park”. Then mum laughed and said: “It’s on my bucket list!!!” 😆

So here we are! My mum (Patricia) my aunty Shirley, Haven, Brielle and myself. ❤ girl’s trip!!!!

Looking at my mum- it is very deceiving. She looks happy and well! The first part is true, mum is courageous and has joy in the Lord. The well part is definitely not true. On the outside, you wouldn’t think that she’s sick. It’s all hidden on the inside. Plus, mum comes alive with company!

She loves all the people who have come to visit. It brings her joy, even though she is physically getting more tired and more uncomfortable.

Mum is determined to do a few more of these mini holidays! She loves anything that has natural beauty. She loves beautiful scenery.

Apparently, the cancer council may have a lovely place that patients can stay for a little getaway? We would love to do that, too!

So off we go!! To “seize the day!” Thank you Lord, for an opportunity to escape and enjoy a mini holiday.

Love always Kelly xx

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