Ruby Jubilee

I love to tell stories! And I love to hear stories. I love to read biographies, and my favourite thing is a good testimony!!

I mean, who doesn’t love a good story??? The best stories are moving, with a message that you can learn from aswell.

This is more of a story “in the making”.

It began very simply: with me daydreaming about future baby names. No, I’m not expecting a baby 😂😛 We just love picking names “just in case” we get blessed with another bubba.

It usually sounds like this:

Me: ” Husband….what do you think of (insert baby name) if we have another girl?


Me: “Babe, what about (insert name) if we have a boy one day?”

This day the name Ruby came to my mind. I dismissed it instantly, as l knew that it wasn’t one of Will’s favourite names. Also, we had kinda “locked in” our next girl’s name. A name we both loved. So, Ruby was out of the question.

However, few hours later, I was catching up with some church friends. This was when God first got my attention- the timing was uncanny.

I have an amazing friend called Claire. That day Claire and I were chatting about whether Will & I were planning on making more babies. 😂🤣😆 I guess it’s a normal question, as we have 4 girls already!!

Then Claire asked: “What do you think about the name Ruby? I can picture you with a little girl called Ruby!”

I told Claire: ” That’s so weird! I was just thinking about baby names today, and Ruby popped into my head!”

Claire agreed the timing was unusual. She suggested that I pray and ask God about it.

This is when most people would say: “What a weird coincidence!” Or “What are the odds???” But I felt like God was putting the name Ruby on our hearts for a reason.

Later, I got to share this story with Will. He reminded me that He didn’t like the name Ruby. But he agreed that maybe God was trying to speak to us, mainly because of the timing. Then he said that we should start praying for “Ruby”. Maybe she would be a child brought into our family through fostering/adoption? Maybe God wanted us to call our next daughter Ruby?

We shared this with our girls. We said that maybe we were “reading too much into this” “Maybe there is no Ruby..?” But just in case, we should pray for baby Ruby as a family. We prayed that if Ruby was in another mummies tummy, that God would keep her safe. Both the mummy, and baby Ruby. We prayed that God would bring Ruby into our lives.

Then our 7 year old prayed. She said: “and God, no matter what skin colour Ruby has, we will love her!” (I found this interesting, as we never mentioned skin colour when talking about Ruby).

Will Ruby just come into our lives? It didn’t take long for “Ruby” to capture our hearts, yet we don’t even know if she’s real or not. We have come to love the name Ruby, and would love to call our next daughter Ruby…unless God brings us a Ruby another way.

Strange huh? How something so small can be like a seed planted in your heart? How could my husband fall in love with a name that he originally wasn’t drawn to? Why am I praying for a child called Ruby, without knowing if we will ever meet her?

Maybe Ruby isn’t even a child, so much as a name God is using to prepare our hearts for something?

Maybe God is teaching us about something valuable to Him? Rubies are beautiful and of value. Like a treasure….?

This is just the first little snippet of the story. Or maybe you could think of it as “episode 1”.😀

Mostly, because it’s a long story. But also, because in real life, we had to wait too!😂🤣😆

Has God ever spoken to you, but you didn’t understand what He was saying yet?

Has anyone else had an unusual God moment? How has God gotten your attention?

Love always Kelly xx

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