Ruby Jubilee – the plot thickens!

Yesterday, I began to share the story of Ruby with you. The story that has captured our curiosity and given us a love for someone we have never met!

Maybe Ruby will be our next daughter, or will she join our family through foster care or adoption?

We have no idea what God is speaking to us about! But this is where faith comes in, right?

Didn’t Noah build an ark, when it had never rained before? That’s faith!

I feel like this story might encourage someone… maybe someone who feels like God is preparing them for something? The awkward stage is often when we can ‘sense’ God preparing us for something, but we have no idea what for!?!

Months pass. Since the conversation with Claire, the name Ruby is at home in our hearts. Ruby is a welcomed household name. Our girls ponder about her. She’s spoken of, like our family is already expecting her to arrive in the near future.

It feels so normal. But…. this is obviously not normal. We don’t know if Ruby is even real!

A few months ago, we went away for a few days. Our family went to explore “Gem tree”, a few hours away from our home in Alice springs.

While we were there, I went for a little stroll with Brielle and Lylah. We were in a small historical building, reading the information about the original settlers.

Beside us, was a lady with her children. I heard the mother say Ruby, while talking to her daughter. So my ear was more attentive, and I smiled to myself.

Then the mother warmly turned to me and smiled as she inquired: “which one of your girls is called Ruby?”

I was suprised. I replied: ” oh, I don’t have a daughter called Ruby…but I love the name!!”

The lady was slightly taken aback. “I thought I heard you call out ‘Ruby’ to one of your girls”, she continued.

I tried to explain: “May be you heard me call out: “Bree bree”? It sounds similar.

“Hmm, maybe…?” She consented.

Even as I tried to give a logical explaination, I knew this was a confirmation for my heart. God was speaking to me about Ruby. First, through Claire…now through a stranger who heard me call out “Ruby”.

The question remains: “Why?”

Not only “Why Has God put the name ‘Ruby’ on our hearts?”, but how will she come into our lives? Will God bring her to us, and we just chill out and wait *somewhat* patiently?πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‰

But why is the title: “Ruby Jubilee”?

How does ‘Jubilee’ fit into this mystery?

Well, that my friend is another story. πŸ˜›Another mystery.

Have you had any God stories of your own that started off strangely? Did it all make sense in the end?

And most of all….How long did you have to wait??? πŸ€”

Love always Kelly xx

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