There’s something about Jubilee❤

Hello again, how are You?

Today, I want to tell you about the name Jubilee❤ Hopefully, you’ve read my posts about the name Ruby; and how we feel God has placed that name on our hearts.

Today, I want to share with you about the name “Jubilee”, and how it is connected with Ruby. Or at least, our interpretation of it’s meaning.

Maybe God is quietly amused as we try to connect the dots- dots that He alone can connect?

Let’s be honest….and I think God has the best sense of humour. He’s so sneaky at times, and so wonderful through it all.

In August this year, we went to an Iris ministries church conference in Brisbane. It was such a special time. God refreshed our family & we felt so encouraged in many ways!

I assumed that the conference sessions would encourage us the most, however it was actually our host family who did all of the encouraging!!!

We stayed with the most amazing family. A family who had 4 children, who were pre-teenagers or teenage age. A South African family called the Van Rensburgs. Each member of their family is a tremendous gift!!!

I cannot praise them enough, or thank them enough for how they poured out their love over our family during the 7 night’s we stayed with them. And it was watching the way they ministered to others as a family, that inspired Will & I the most!!!

Ok, back to Jubilee 😄

Mariza (the mum of the house) showed me a “prophetic” painting that her friend had created for her. It was a picture of a city. In the city I noticed in tiny print, was the word ‘Jubilee’.

I instantly felt drawn to it, as I know the Duggar family in America (you know, 19 kids and counting TV show?) Had a daughter called Jubilee. Sadly, they lost their 20th baby at 20 weeks. But I love the Duggar family, and their conservative faith.

Later that afternoon, Will and I were driving back to church. I asked Will what He thought about the name ‘Jubilee’, you know …I guess for the baby after Ruby 🤣😂😉

Will responded the way I had assumed he would: “Meh. Hmm…It’s a little unusual!”

I kinda agreed. I love unusual girls names, but Jubilee may be too much for poor Will 😂 So, I dismissed it. We moved onto other topics.

We soon arrived at the Riverlife Baptist church, parked the car and headed inside the auditorium. As we walked inside though, the first thing we heard was a lady call put: “Jubilee!”- as she tried to capture the attention of her young daughter.

I went over and chatted to the missionary mum. I asked her, “Is your daughter’s name really Jubilee?” Yes, our 3rd daughter she confirmed. I was amazed.

Again, it wasn’t that someone had a daughter with that name- but the timing itself that had us shaking our heads in wonder!

Will and I started wondering: Is Jubilee the middle name for Ruby? Ruby Jubilee Knott. Or will we have twins? Ruby and Jubilee? We feel more like the first version is more likely.

During the following weeks, I asked God about these two names. “Lord , what is it about Ruby? Why have you given us this name? Lord, what is it about Jubilee that now feels so right?”

A thought popped into my head. Maybe it was the answer to my prayer?

Ruby is something valuable. Something special. Rubies are beautiful and hold value.

Jubilee is a celebration. Usually a 25th or 50th anniversary celebration. In the bible, the year of Jubilee also holds a significance. Land could be returned to it’s original owners. Slaves could be set free. The land was allowed to rest, with no sowing or reaping.

So my heart cried out: Ruby Jubilee is a celebration of something valuable!!!!!

Instinctively, I knew it wasn’t a celebration of the things that the world values. I felt the Lord impress on my heart that He celebrates the simple things, that have great eternal signigicance!

Things like, the faith of my dear mum as she praises her saviour while in Palliative care.

Things like the daily life of parenting, and sacrificing to raise your children. Especially, when each day seems like you have done nothing of value.

I felt like God was celebrating the value of kindness, of honesty and of loving others. Of trusting God, when your circumstances are unpredictable or out of your comfort zone.

Ruby Jubilee. My heart is filled with joy, just putting those two names together. What am I doing today that God celebrates?

What could I be focusing on?

Thank you Jesus, for these names. I don’t know if Ruby is our future daughter or a name that reflects your heart.

Will I return to my home in Alice, and Ruby will be added to our family in an unusual way? This child we love already!!!

The next part of this story almost has me in tears. I was blown away by what happened next. In fact, it happened this week while in Walleroo with my family. I love it! I can’t wait to share it with you.

Like you are watching the unfolding of a story…and how God is bringing us joy, during a season of unknowns.

Love always Kelly xx

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