The value of something priceless❤

These past 7 weeks with mum have been priceless.

I’ve been very emotional these past few days…so emotional and teary, in fact, that there is no point putting on makeup. Mascara is no longer my friend, but something that attacks my eyes after my tears encourage it to smudge all over my face! Ladies, you would understand!

Mascara also seems to prey on vulnerable women. After crying anything more than a sweet and innocent tear, mascara quickly turns my face into a war zone. So, for now…my eyes are naked and only accompanied with eye shadow at best. 😆

Foundation isn’t much better. After my tears erupt, my foundation disappears! With one wipe of my hand to get rid of stray tears…my foundation abandons me! Right when I need it most!

So alas, this morning I stood crying at my daughter’s school. Tears flowing, and foundation gone! Red eyes, and red face. I said goodbye to my baby girls- only 7 days after reuniting with them, after 6 weeks apart.

But this time we can count down the weeks! 3 weeks till we can be a whole family again.

But as I’ve been packing my suitcase this morning, I’ve been thinking about my beautiful mother. She’s getting sicker and weaker. I’ve been thinking about life without her. How empty life might feel without my mum.

What a devoted nanna and mum xx

No more phone calls. No more hugs. No more visits. I’ll miss her so much. She’s been the BEST Mum! She’s such a blessing.

This made me think. What do I love most about Mum??? What gives her such value in my heart.

I would say it’s because she’s my mum. But not everyone has a close relationship with their mum. And some mum’s are broken people…or just barely cope with their role as mum. After all, mum’s are just ordinary people, with every day challenges too.

My mum is pricess. She is valuable and a tremendous gift in my life. When my dad left me at a few days old, my mum raised my brother and I as a single mum. When I was sick, mum picked me up from school.

When mum received the phone call to say my dad had taken his own life, it was mum who watched me helplessly break down on the floor crying. It was mum who held me as I screamed in shock and despair. As a mum of 4 girls myself, I now realize how painful it must have been for her to watch her children go through such pain.

It was my mum who forgave me when I was a nasty teenager, and who held her tongue when she could have lashed out in response to my disrespectful behaviour.

It was my mum who kept praying for me when I was an 18 year old. It was mum who tirelessly told me I needed Jesus. Even when I told her off for telling me so often!

It was my mum who has been the constant in my life. And it was mum who showed me that God will be the One I can cling to, even after she dies.

So my question is: what is the value of something priceless??

A mum is priceless. Her worth is far above rubies. Can anything replace a loving parent? Or a child?

Have you had to say goodbye to someone who is priceless?

And what legacy did that person leave for you to cling to?

My mum has no earthly treasures to leave us. No money or home to sell. No car or items that have anything other than sentimental value.

But what she’s given us is a million times better. She’s given us love. She’s given her time. She’s created memories. She’s led us by example. She’s prayed for us children, even now- when she’s fragile and exhausted.

I’ve prayed with her. Heard her praying for others. She still prays for healing for people who are unwell- not discouraged at all by her own condition!!!

She prays for others to come to know her Heavenly Father. She prays for God to bless and comfort those who mourn, when she’s in Heaven.

Her faith is what I will treasure most.

Maybe you’re reading this and you don’t share our faith. That’s ok. Because God loves you, even if you haven’t discovered Him yet.

Just like a mother loves her unborn baby with a fierce protective love….God loves you as His child.

An unborn baby doesn’t know the mum or dad yet, but eventually they feel it. So we feel God’s love in a million ways. The kindness of strangers. The generosity of friends. The beauty of nature.

Maybe you aren’t there yet. But knowing God is the gift my mum gave me. And it’s the best inheritance I could ask for. Especially as we face loosing her. How could you walk through such grief and heartache without God’s comfort? It’s all I’ve got to cling to…..

So I praise God for my mum. For her life and her loving mother’s heart. It reminds me of the value of something priceless.

Love always Kelly xx

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