We are loved.

Today we arrived back home to Alice Springs. It took is 2 days to travel home from Adelaide to Alice Springs, with an overnight stay in Coober Pedy.

One of my close friends called Mikaela offered to come over tonight to bring us dinner. She was so thoughtful, thinking about how we would be exhausted after travelling with our 4 girls.

We were looking forward to it all day, especially after eating junk food and no vegetables for 2 days on the road. A home cooked meal sounded wonderful!❤❤❤

Mikaela briefly texted me to say she was also picking up some “breakfast essentials” for us, to save us from an emergency shopping trip. Again, we were so touched that Mikaela would even think about such things. I definitely wouldn’t have before today!

But I have to tell you…We were blessed beyond measure by her generosity and kindness. To the point of holding back tears these past few hours…

Who could have fathomed how much we would be blessed tonight? Dinner was delicious- and it was a healthy (& child approved) meal.

4 smiles!

Mikaela also supplied us with milk, breakfast items and other fridge essentials. Mikaela and her husband Nate held back no love from us!

We have done nothing to deserve it, and yet they thought of us.

Have you ever been on the receiving end of such love and kindness? When your heart goes all gooey and you can’t help but praise God for bringing you such incredible friends?

It’s happened many times to us, from more people than I can list. In the middle of such heartache and changes, God is good.

Our friends are good!!!

On Sunday, two different friends brought us “love hampers”. With snacks and treats for our family. Both times were totally unexpected and wonderful.

I think it’s the unexpected love that moves me the most. When you are blissfully unaware of the suprise about to arrive.

But I want to say “Thank you!”

“Thank you” to so many people. “Thank you” to the friends that love “The Knott Tribe” unconditionally and have blessed us countless times.

“Thank you” to our families. Both blood related and also adopted through life.

My heart is bursting with gratitude. You have all done so much good.

“Thank you” to friends that have cleared their schedule to make time for our family to visit. This past week alone, I felt so loved. I felt valued. My friends are the most precious gifts.

And “Thank you” to those of you who have patiently listened to my heart. When I just talk about my fears about my future. My fears about my mum’s health. “Thank you” for giving me the gift of being heard. That alone is so valuable.

And “Thank you” to the dear friends who have cheered me on while writing my blogs. There have been many times when someone I love or admire have said they read my blog (or blogs). Each time I am struck with astonishment and joy!

I am also in awe of how the Lord can use my blogs to touch a person’s heart or encourage them in some small way. I laugh at the goodness of God- and how God has allowed my blog to encourage people who inspire me on a daily basis!

That God would use something I’ve written to touch someone’s heart, is so incredibly wonderful and humbling at the same time!!!!

“Thank you” to the many people who have encouraged me that one day God will help me write the books He has placed on my heart. Without the love and support of so many of you, I may have given up on “the dream” growing inside of me!

And “Thank you” to my husband. Who reads each of my posts and always picks his favourite part to encourage me. My husband who hears my heart.

My husband who loves me faithfully and relentlessly. My husband who is so kind to me and supports me when he has done more than he needs to.

“I love You, Babee”.

Love always Kelly xx

One thought on “We are loved.

  1. I always look forward to getting these emails Kelly! Thank you for being so open and sharing your heart with us xx

    Sent from my Samsung Galaxy smartphone.


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