You are the ink, and I am the pen.

Lord, I just want to live a life of faith.

I only want to Trust and Hope in You.

Would you please turn my imperfect life into something beautiful?

Lord, would you use me to encourage others and lift them up?

You are the ink, and I am the pen. Could you please use me to write a story that honours You?

You are the song in my heart and the music that makes my spirit dance. Give me a dance of faith that brings You joy.

Your holy Spirit is the rhythm that moves my heart.

Sometimes I forget that you have been God since the beginning of time. I try to give you advice on what might look good. 😂

Can you give me a gentle nudge back in line when I try to tell You how my life should look?

Let my voice sing praises to You, even when it’s hard to sometimes understand what your working on behind the scenes.

Let my feet only follow Yours. I’m just a little girl trying to walk in her Daddy’s shoes…

And let my life be a painting of Your love and freedom that comes from Trusting in you.

Love always Kelly xx

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