Which one will you choose?

What a gift we each get, with a life to call our own. We fill it with a lot of things, and hopefully create a home.❤❤

We live and learn and make mistakes, and grow along the way. How good it is to start again- with the beginning of each day?

We’ve all had those times when we’ve messed up, and wanted to hide our face. But the beauty in our brokenness is that we all have needed grace.

We each share this in common: the desire for forgiveness, mercy and love. That’s the sneaky thing about Jesus, that desire comes from up above.

I think that God has placed these feelings in the depths of our very soul; The need to love and be loved in return- to be forgiven and made whole.

We all are born as sinners, but God knew what must be done… He knew that we’d need forgiveness and so He sent His only Son.

Jesus gave up his life to fix what was once broken. When He was nailed on the cross His final words were spoken:

“Forgive them, Father, for they know not what they do”… These words were so important and they were spoken for me and you.”

And with eternity waiting, there’s so much at stake to loose: There’s only two paths to take- Which one will you choose??

Love always Kelly xx

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