Yesterday we made memories.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. It was Saturday and we wanted to have some family time.

In the morning, 2 of our girls had their swimming lessons. My other 2 girls have their swimming lessons on Wednesday.

We ate lunch at home. Then bribed each of our girls with .20 cents if they napped for us! 😂😊 best investment we could make. Haha

Then we heard that there was water in the claypans!!!!! “Let’s go, husband!!” I almost begged Will.

We packed towels and spare clothes for our family of 6.

It was beautiful.

The scenery. The muddy water was perfect temperature and perfect depth to just splash and enjoy it.

I didn’t even have to stress about baby Haven, it was so shallow she could play anywhere she liked.

I even got in this muddy water. We only live once- so why not!!!

We stayed at the clay pans for an hour or 2. And our friend Paula also joined us, with 2 of her children. Friends and family times are the best kind of days!

We ended our family day full of dirt, wet clothes and a full load of washing to be done. But it was worth It!

Because yesterday we made memories!

Love always Kelly xx

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