Fill me with joy.

My heart is overflowing with possibilities: “What will God do in my heart this year?”

This year, everything in me declares to God: “Lord, I just need more of you!!!”

This year, I started thinking that 2020 would be marked by the grief of loosing my mum. But, I’m now choosing to cling to God and I’m asking Him to comfort me.

My prayer is that He will fill my heart with His peace. The kind of peace that “surpasses all understanding”.

The Bible also mentions the “joy of the Lord”…so I’m asking God to give me joy that overflows. It doesn’t mean I won’t be grieving or missing my beautiful mum. But that I have realised that in this time, I need Jesus even more than ever.

I miss my mum. I miss my dad.

If it wasn’t for God, I would feel like an adult orphan right now. 😂😣🤔 I’m 31, but deep down I’m still a little girl who misses her parents….

This is when I turn to my “Heavenly Father”. My only hope. The lifter of my head. My comfort and strength.

So despite everything happening in my world, my heart is bursting with faith.

It has been so beautiful, seeing the way God has been encouraging my heart. I definately needed encouraging!

I love how God encourages my heart in simple, yet personal ways!

Can you remember any intimate moments where God has done something or said something that caused your heart to melt?

Has something happened in your life that you knew had to be a God thing? A moment that was so personal to you, but made you love Him even more?

I had one of those moments last night. My heart has been hungry for revival stories and biographies of people of faith. I have always loved biographies!

I was talking with my friends Katy and Daniel, about pioneers of the Christian faith. Suddenly, they showed me many of their books on “generals of the faith” for me to borrow.

It sounds simple, but my heart was filled with awe at the goodness of God!!!! I didn’t know that Katy and Daniel had books like that, so I didn’t even think to ask to borrow them. So when they generously lent me them to read, it was a powerful and encouraging reminder that God cares about the small details of my life.

He loves me enough to provide the books my spirit craves. It cost me nothing, yet will bless me abundantly.

These books are about men and women who loved Jesus without limits, and they will show me what life can look like when you seek God with all of your heart.

So today I am praying that you will notice the ways that God encourages your heart.

I pray that you will see how much God cares about His personal relationship with you.

He loves us all in a unique way. How incredible is that!!!!

Dear God, please show each of us how you are speaking to us.

No other religion or god in this world can offer a personal relationship with their Saviour!!!!!

“Lord, you are beyond comparison or comprehension! There is none like You! Lord, Set a fire down in my heart. Please be the treasure that I seek. When I’m struggling and tempted to go my own way- please remind me that your presence is the prize worth fighting for. Remind me that you are God. You are good. There are none beside you. You are worthy of all praise. Thank you for the melody of the Holy Spirit. Thank you that you cause us to “go out in joy and be led forth in peace”. Thank you that you give us joy as our strength and faith as a shield.”

I love you, Jesus. Love always, Kelly xx

2 thoughts on “Fill me with joy.

  1. Kelly, I so love reading your blogs. I love your realness and love of God. I love the growth in you and how your heart so reflects your Father’s heart for you, thus bringing you into Christlikesness. Enjoy the journey to abundant joy. It’s so worth it, as is he. Bless you


    1. Thank you very much! That’s so encouraging and made me smile. I love when people comment on my posts. Makes it feel more personal, and nice to know you read it. ❤ I am excited what will happen as our family spends more time focusing on intimacy with God.


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