Grace like a floatie.

God’s grace is like a floatie!

My darling daughter, Brielle is 4 years old. This year she was very excited to start swimming lessons, along with her other sisters.

But it has been very hard for me as a mum! I was so tempted to quit, as I have to juggle my 2 youngest girls during swimming lessons each wednesday. While Brielle is in her lesson, I must be there with her to help her not to drown! 😂 The challenge is- I’m also holding my 1 year old daughter Haven…while keeping her from also drowning! 🤔😂

I laugh, but it’s stressful for me. And while all the other parents are blissfully enjoying the joys of watching their kids swimming: I am debating in my head if I’ll survive the 30 minute lesson on my own!

Then a miracle occurred. One of the swimming teachers brought Brielle a beautiful floatie! One of the $50 ones that in like a mini top, with chest and arm floaties. It is brilliant! She feels like she can swim. She paddles around in the deep water, and doesn’t sink or drown!!!

This is a massive blessing! Now while I’m helping Haven during her swimming lesson, I know that Brielle is safe. (While still keeping a close eye on her and watching she’s ok.) And Brielle LOVES the feeling of being able to be an independent swimmer. 🤣😂😆

The sad part is that after Haven’s lesson is finished, it is Brielle’s lesson. Off must come the precious floatie! Brielle is devastated each time. Suddenly, she cannot swim or float at all. Suddenly, Brielle needs to do the work herself. Without the floatie, everything seems hard. Without the floatie, some things are impossible for her to do.

This is when it hit me! God’s grace is like a floatie. God’s strength and joy and grace allow us to do impossible things!

Sometimes, we forget that God’s grace enables us to do things we cannot do in our own strength. We briefly think it is us or our own giftings that allow us to do what we want. But we need to remember that God’s grace is a gift, and something we must give Him glory for!

On the positive side: We can do all things through Christ who gives us strength! God’s grace is sufficient for us! Imagine what God can do in our lives, when we ask Him for the grace to do it!! Isn’t that amazing????

Thank you God that you are good! Thank you that your amazing grace enables us to do impossible things!

So, let’s always remember that God’s grace is like a floatie! We can swim in life’s ocean with God’s empowering grace! Let’s remember that it is God who helps us to achieve so many of the things in our lives.

Praying this morning that you will experience the joy that Brielle feels when she’s swimming in her floatie! May God fill you with joy and laughter as you see the things He helps you do or cope with each day. ❤❤❤❤

Love always kelly xx

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