Where’s my faith gone?

In my daily life, this is a simple reminder that “Sometimes…you have to look at things differently.”

“Where has my faith gone this past week?” I’ve been asking myself this question.

At certain points in our marriage, my husband and I have been full of faith and courage. In the past, we have trusted God in some pretty overwhelming moments and situations. God has been so kind to us, and given us a thousand testimonies of His faithfulness. In fact, He has given me enough stories to fill a book about His faithfulness.

So why is it so easy for me to forget how great God is? How have I forgotten that in my weakness, He is strong. That His grace is sufficient for me?

A perfect reminder of God’s promise. One of our friends children did this gorgeous picture.

This past week has been full of turmoil. Inner tourmoil for Will and I. We were praying and thinking about our future. Specifically about having more babies or not. We are pretty terrified, to be honest.

We told God in the past that we would trust Him in regards to our family. We know from scripture, that God can open and close the womb. I understand it sounds foolish in today’s world, but God has a different journey of faith for each person. Our story may be totally different than yours. 💜💜💜

However, when you get to a certain size as a family – it really takes a lot of faith and courage to continue to trust Him.

In each of our lives, trusting God is easy in some situations and terrifying in others. Am I right?

For us- apparently 5 children is our number that has stretched our faith. It was easy to trust God in general until now, but after 5 children… doubts creep in. Can we continue to trust God with our family size? It feels impossible.

What is your “impossible” faith journey? What impossible things is God asking you to trust in His care?

I know that I’m not alone. As Christians, we all have our moments of sheer terror. The Bible is full of stories that required tremendous faith.

My point isn’t really about our family size or family planning. We are blessed to have 5 beautiful children, and God promises to lead gently those with young children. I love this verse!

My thoughts today are really about how easy it is to forget who God is. How great God is.

One of the amazing things about God is that He has blessed us with the Holy Spirit as our helper.

How have I forgotten that I don’t need to face each day in my own strength?

How have I forgotten that God says in His word not to worry about tomorrow?

Why do my thoughts race ahead so quickly? Most days are overwhelming enough for 1 day. God was pretty wise in telling us to not worry about tomorrow, to just focus on getting through today. It’s more manageable that way.

“Jesus, please help me to remember who you are. Please remind me to invite your Holy Spirit into the challenges of my life. Help me to remember that you have never abandoned me. That you will continue to lead Will and I gently, especially when we are raising these little ones you have given us.”

“Father, please encourage my faith each day. Please forgive me when our faith seems to evaporate and disappear so quickly! Please remind me that faith comes from listening to your voice, and reading your word. “

“Help me to turn to You when my faith is shaking. Help me to run to your word and remind myself of your promises.”

“Finally, Lord please help anyone who may be reading this post. Please show each person how much you care about them. I pray that you will give each person strength to continue to put you first each day. Please help each one of us to trust that you are a loving God. Give us all more faith.”

Love always Kelly xx

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