Ever present help in times of need.

Brielle and Ariella by the cross, looking over Eden Valley, South Australia.

This is more a journal type blog. Or maybe just an update on our life? It’s simple and short…

Life at home for Will and I has been rough. Not as a married couple- but as parents. One of our children is struggling, and because they are struggling- we struggle too.

We have had some angry parent moments. Moments where we feel hopeless and overwhelmed. Moments we feel almost abused and so badly mistreated by our own daughter. Can you relate at all?

So…after trying to numb ourselves by a thousand distractions or treats…we eventually have tried to strengthen ourselves in the Lord. Turning back to God with more passion than normal for us. Pressing in, you know? Praying more. Reading more. Filling our spirits up with things that bring our hearts closer to His.

We are praying for and with our daughter. We are praying for each other as parents. We are clinging to the God who blessed us with each one of our children. He loves them more than we can fathom.

And God is so faithful. We are feeling our hearts coming alive again. Renewed. The Bible is more interesting than before. We feel this deep well of faith rising up within us.

Nothing has changed. We still need miracles in our home for our parenting, and for our daughter’s heart. We still face daily challenges.

The difference is God. The hope we feel in Him. The joy we feel in Him.

Today as Will and I spent time with God…nothing was impossible. We felt sheltered by God.

So, we are determined to strengthen our weary mumma and pappa hearts in the Lord.

We are believing for breakthroughs. Believing and trusting that God will help our children, especially when they are anxious or sad. We are praying purspose over their lives Praying that they will love God with all of their hearts.

We can’t afford to give up. To see things from our earthly perspective. We need to ask God for His wisdom.

I pray that if you are in a season like us, maybe feeling battle weary and tired in general, that God will draw you near to Himself. Strengthen you and uphold you with His mighty hand. I pray that even if you are just feeling unloved or unappreciated, that God will show you His love in a tangible way.

This was God’s love offering to me. A friend called Madison suprised me with this random gift of flowers. It was given at just the right time….

Love you, my friends…

Love always Kelly xx

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