“Husband, why can’t I feel God’s presence today?”

God works in mysterious ways…

Yesterday, I started off my day slightly confused. I couldn’t feel God’s presence. Not that I always feel God’s presence, but the day before I had felt so close to the Lord. I could sense His nearness…nothing compares to that.

William and I have been spending our past few days focusing on God. After a few days of really “pressing in”, keeping our hearts set on God- we are feeling pretty good.

A few days ago, I had a day basking in God’s presence…worship music playing. Feeling God speaking to my heart in little ways. Anyway…that’s how things began to be. Therefore, when I woke up yesterday- feeling empty and alone, I didn’t understand what had gone “wrong”.

lol I laugh- how petty and insignificant a few days sounds. I give God more attention for a few days…and I want rainbows and butterflies. 😂😂🤔🤗

Here’s the thing: God is so encouraging, and sometimes He blessses our devotion to Him. Like a hug from God, I can see why the Bible says “Draw near to me, and I’ll draw near to you”.

So because of the sudden empty feeling, I wanted encouragement from Will. I asked Will “Why can’t I feel God’s presence today?” I need God!!! I feel empty without Him!

Will reminded me that our relationship with God isn’t based on feelings. That’s why we love God’s word- the Bible. It is full of promises about God being with us. It is full of promises that He will never leave us or forsake us- regardless of how we feel.

Having said that: I still wanted to feel close to God. I continued to pray all day. I kept filling my spirit with worship music. I kept reading snippets from my devotions books and Bible. I decided that even if I couldn’t feel God in a tangible way, I would fill up my time by seeking Him. I say this and mean that my heart and mind were thinking about God. Praying as I was busy doing normal mum life things. No one else would see a difference, but there certainly was in my heart.

Anyway, around lunchtime, my children and I had a little nap. It was the highlight of my day! I turned my phone on silent, and enjoyed some rest.

When I woke up, I had a text from a friend…. saying that she had left a coffee by my door.

Coffee….and a treat!

This beautiful friend called Kirsty, had left me such a sweet gift. My heart burst with joy! Kirsty said she wanted to let you know that she was thinking of me as I’ve been trapped home for weeks now with sick children. Nothing terrible, but enough that I can’t mix with others or catch up with my friends.

Honestly, it was a God moment. Kirsty was so incredibly generous and thoughtful. I needed some love that day. I thanked my friend…and I praised God!!!! I knew He saw me, He cares about me.

The moral of the story isn’t that because I was blessed- I know God cares. The cross is enough to show His care. Amen? 🤗

What I’m saying is that when my heart is set on God, I see His love for me in the little things. I feel HIS love for me, through the acts of kindness from my friends. I see God’s hands move in my life. I notice more. I pray more. I believe for more!

Thank you God for the little things. Thank you for the moments you love on me, via the people in my life. Thank you that when I feel your love poured out in my life, I want to love others more too. Help us all to be more like Kirsty….. Help us all to love like you do. 💜

LOVE always Kelly xx

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