The day my Vacuum Cleaner died.

Hehe This is not actually my vacuum cleaner! Just a picture I found on Google, but it seemed to fit my situation. 🤣😂

This, my friends…is an unusul story. I’m sharing it:

1. Because I am very grateful for this testimony.

2. Because I feel like someone may need encouragement that God isn’t limited by our understanding or experiences.

3. God says to “pray about everything”…so, I’m taking that pretty literally this week! lol 😄😄😄😄

I am very grateful to have a vacuum cleaner. With a family of 7 in our home, we need it- everyday!

I was mid vacuuming the other day when my vacuum stopped working. I tried everything. I even let it rest, you know- time to cool down if it was over working? Nothing seemed to be helping.

In the past, my other vacuum cleaners have died in the same way. At some point, they just stop working. Give up their purpose- filled lives, and quit. I try to remind my vacuum cleaners: “Don’t grow weary of doing good!!!” hehe

I love my vacuum cleaner, it faithfully works day after day! Without it, my floor would be in disarray!

In my experience, even a day or so later, my vacuums have never regained consciousness. They wouldn’t restart.

In all seriousness, this time my mind went to the worst case scenario. I knew my vacuum had died. It was no use. My heart sank. More money to replace it. Money that could be better spent on other things. “Man, will the never ending expenses ever let up?” my mind whispered to me so quickly. Discouragement wanted to settle in my heart.

However, I am also feeling like God is feeding my faith each day. Reading the Bible has a way of reminding me that there are no limits placed on my Savior. So……I prayed!

Then… I waited…and tried again. The roar of the vacuum cleaner echoed like a symphony in my ears!!!!! Thank you Jesus, I cried out!!!!! Yes!!!!!

Now- the sceptical voice in your mind may say: “Meh…coincidence.” You may think…”That wasn’t God!” That’s ok, you didn’t feel the victory I felt! Some things you have to feel to understand.

In my eyes, it died. I prayed. God answered.

The same God that parted the Red Sea, brought me through the sea of dust in my floors! The sea in my life was a floor in need of cleaning. I joke a bit- but it’s still my miracle.

I pray that my heart never doubts that God cares about the tiny details in my life- and that this story will encourage my heart in the days when I need it most.

I pray that this humble, almost amusing story blesses you. Encourages you to see the ways that God can take care of the small details in your life, too. 💜

Bless you. Love always Kelly xx

2 thoughts on “The day my Vacuum Cleaner died.

  1. Thanks, Kelly. The same thing happened to me when I prayed for my hair dryer that had stopped working.
    Truly the Lord is interested in every detail of our lives. 🌷🤗


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