Pray without Ceasing.

“Rejoice always. Pray without ceasing. In everything give thanks.”

This past week has been pretty exciting. It is exciting in the things of God in our personal lives.

God is giving William and I a renewed passion and hunger to seek God. Praise God!

One of the blessings has been that as a family, our hearts are more naturally inclined to pray. We are praying throughout the day. Driving my kids to school in the mornings, we pray about the day before us. I sometimes lead the prayer, other times- my kids pray for our family. We pray when we are at home. Nothing fancy…but prayers that connect us with God. An open conversion with God, inviting Him into the ordinary moments of our day.

A few days ago, I was totally overwhelmed and grumpy. It had been a long day. A loud day with 5 children demanding my attention.

A VERY loud day. Do they create extra noise on purpose, I often wonder. 😆

I stopped beside my kitchen counter, my head cupped by both my hands. I had nothing left to give.

Seeing my despair- my 2nd daughter said: “Mummy, do you want me to pray for you?” It was the best act of kindness she could have offered me. “Yes please!” I eagerly replied, welcoming her gift of prayer.

There is power in prayer.

Do you know that prayer can change things? Do you know from experience that God can give you strength when you pray? Or when someone prays for you? I know it. I’ve experienced it. Prayer is a powerful gift from God.

So today, I want to share with you a cool story. In my heart- it is a powerful testimony of God’s faithfulness and also the brilliant way that He can answer more than one prayer at once….

Friday morning, my oldest daughter was sad and frustrated as I dropped her off at school. I tried to encourage her by reassuring her that I would be praying for her during the day.

She was not reassured. She took zero comfort in my prayers that day.

She retorted: “God doesn’t care about me!!!! He never listens to me!”

Ouch! I knew she was just fragile, but my heart grieved for her. (& kinda for God’s heart too, if I’m honest) “Lord, please remind her that you care about her. Show her that you are near to her heart”, my mother heart pleaded silently.

I continued to pray for her during the day, as she popped into my head.

After the school pick up, my children and I were looking forward to seeing our neighbours who lives across the road from us. We had planned a coffee date/ playdate at their home. I planned on bringing some afternoon snacks, but eating dinner at our house after the catch up.

Ariella asked me: ” Mummy, are we having dinner at their house tonight?”

“No, baby”, I told her. “Just a playdate for you, & coffee date for mummy and daddy”. “Ohhh”, she sighed. Clearly disapointed.

Moments later, I announced that our friends had just extended their catch up with us, and invited us to stay for dinner. They had text me to ask if we would like to come over for a bbq dinner.

Ariella was suprised. “Mum, did they really invite us over for dinner tonight?” she double checked. “Yes, baby girl. How lovely is that?” I happily replied to her.

“Mum! I prayed that they would invite us over for dinner! Just then….while we were driving! I asked God to please let them invite us to stay for dinner!!!! God heard me!!! He answered my prayer!!!”

“Hallelujah!!!!” I cried out!!!!! “Ariella! That’s awesome news! You won’t believe what else. This morning, I prayed that God would show you how much he cares about you. I asked Him to remind you that He hears you and loves your prayers!!! So….God has answered both of our prayers today!”

To me, life doesn’t get better than this. These precious little moments that God uses to grow our faith. These moments where the Lord provides my daughter with a testimony of her own to treasure! This story will be like a memorial stone of faith in her life.

“The day when God answered Ariella’s prayer to have dinner with the neighbours”. This title would never make headlines in a newspaper, nor will it ever inspire the world to pay attention. However, in our home….this title was an echo of praise to our Saviour!!!!! A victory and triumph of faith. A blessing from a loving Heavenly Father.

These are the things that fill my body with energy! These stories of God’s goodness! God is real! He cares! I know it, and now my children are witnessing it themselves.

May God bless you, and your household. May the God who created you and loved you since the beginning of time flood your spirit with joy. I pray, that this week….you will be brave. I pray that you would dare to pray to God about something and expect to see or hear a response! Share with God the personal things in your heart: your dreams, your fears and your requests. Ask God to speak to you in a way that you know how much he cares about you. Pray with anticipation, not as a test for God….but an invitation for Him to be part of the intimate parts of your heart.

When you see how much God wants you to be part of His story, and how much He wants you to allow Him into your story… you may just love Him even more than you ever imagined you could. Try it. I have never regretted it.

Love always Kelly xx

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