Ruby Jubilee – the plot thickens!

Yesterday, I began to share the story of Ruby with you. The story that has captured our curiosity and given us a love for someone we have never met!

Maybe Ruby will be our next daughter, or will she join our family through foster care or adoption?

We have no idea what God is speaking to us about! But this is where faith comes in, right?

Didn’t Noah build an ark, when it had never rained before? That’s faith!

I feel like this story might encourage someone… maybe someone who feels like God is preparing them for something? The awkward stage is often when we can ‘sense’ God preparing us for something, but we have no idea what for!?!

Months pass. Since the conversation with Claire, the name Ruby is at home in our hearts. Ruby is a welcomed household name. Our girls ponder about her. She’s spoken of, like our family is already expecting her to arrive in the near future.

It feels so normal. But…. this is obviously not normal. We don’t know if Ruby is even real!

A few months ago, we went away for a few days. Our family went to explore “Gem tree”, a few hours away from our home in Alice springs.

While we were there, I went for a little stroll with Brielle and Lylah. We were in a small historical building, reading the information about the original settlers.

Beside us, was a lady with her children. I heard the mother say Ruby, while talking to her daughter. So my ear was more attentive, and I smiled to myself.

Then the mother warmly turned to me and smiled as she inquired: “which one of your girls is called Ruby?”

I was suprised. I replied: ” oh, I don’t have a daughter called Ruby…but I love the name!!”

The lady was slightly taken aback. “I thought I heard you call out ‘Ruby’ to one of your girls”, she continued.

I tried to explain: “May be you heard me call out: “Bree bree”? It sounds similar.

“Hmm, maybe…?” She consented.

Even as I tried to give a logical explaination, I knew this was a confirmation for my heart. God was speaking to me about Ruby. First, through Claire…now through a stranger who heard me call out “Ruby”.

The question remains: “Why?”

Not only “Why Has God put the name ‘Ruby’ on our hearts?”, but how will she come into our lives? Will God bring her to us, and we just chill out and wait *somewhat* patiently?😂🤣😉

But why is the title: “Ruby Jubilee”?

How does ‘Jubilee’ fit into this mystery?

Well, that my friend is another story. 😛Another mystery.

Have you had any God stories of your own that started off strangely? Did it all make sense in the end?

And most of all….How long did you have to wait??? 🤔

Love always Kelly xx

Ruby Jubilee

I love to tell stories! And I love to hear stories. I love to read biographies, and my favourite thing is a good testimony!!

I mean, who doesn’t love a good story??? The best stories are moving, with a message that you can learn from aswell.

This is more of a story “in the making”.

It began very simply: with me daydreaming about future baby names. No, I’m not expecting a baby 😂😛 We just love picking names “just in case” we get blessed with another bubba.

It usually sounds like this:

Me: ” Husband….what do you think of (insert baby name) if we have another girl?


Me: “Babe, what about (insert name) if we have a boy one day?”

This day the name Ruby came to my mind. I dismissed it instantly, as l knew that it wasn’t one of Will’s favourite names. Also, we had kinda “locked in” our next girl’s name. A name we both loved. So, Ruby was out of the question.

However, few hours later, I was catching up with some church friends. This was when God first got my attention- the timing was uncanny.

I have an amazing friend called Claire. That day Claire and I were chatting about whether Will & I were planning on making more babies. 😂🤣😆 I guess it’s a normal question, as we have 4 girls already!!

Then Claire asked: “What do you think about the name Ruby? I can picture you with a little girl called Ruby!”

I told Claire: ” That’s so weird! I was just thinking about baby names today, and Ruby popped into my head!”

Claire agreed the timing was unusual. She suggested that I pray and ask God about it.

This is when most people would say: “What a weird coincidence!” Or “What are the odds???” But I felt like God was putting the name Ruby on our hearts for a reason.

Later, I got to share this story with Will. He reminded me that He didn’t like the name Ruby. But he agreed that maybe God was trying to speak to us, mainly because of the timing. Then he said that we should start praying for “Ruby”. Maybe she would be a child brought into our family through fostering/adoption? Maybe God wanted us to call our next daughter Ruby?

We shared this with our girls. We said that maybe we were “reading too much into this” “Maybe there is no Ruby..?” But just in case, we should pray for baby Ruby as a family. We prayed that if Ruby was in another mummies tummy, that God would keep her safe. Both the mummy, and baby Ruby. We prayed that God would bring Ruby into our lives.

Then our 7 year old prayed. She said: “and God, no matter what skin colour Ruby has, we will love her!” (I found this interesting, as we never mentioned skin colour when talking about Ruby).

Will Ruby just come into our lives? It didn’t take long for “Ruby” to capture our hearts, yet we don’t even know if she’s real or not. We have come to love the name Ruby, and would love to call our next daughter Ruby…unless God brings us a Ruby another way.

Strange huh? How something so small can be like a seed planted in your heart? How could my husband fall in love with a name that he originally wasn’t drawn to? Why am I praying for a child called Ruby, without knowing if we will ever meet her?

Maybe Ruby isn’t even a child, so much as a name God is using to prepare our hearts for something?

Maybe God is teaching us about something valuable to Him? Rubies are beautiful and of value. Like a treasure….?

This is just the first little snippet of the story. Or maybe you could think of it as “episode 1”.😀

Mostly, because it’s a long story. But also, because in real life, we had to wait too!😂🤣😆

Has God ever spoken to you, but you didn’t understand what He was saying yet?

Has anyone else had an unusual God moment? How has God gotten your attention?

Love always Kelly xx

16 years old …16 years later.

The other day, I had a thought. It was a realization of something that feels pretty unfair. 16 years ago almost, I lost my dad to suicide. It was a horrible season. The grief took my breath away.

I wanted the world to stop spinning and everyone else to stop doing their daily tasks. Like my grief should send shockwaves big enough for other people to have to stop for a moment. Because for me, it felt like my world DID stop.

Maybe other people have experienced a loss like that? Where normal routine and normal conversations seem out of place? Where nothing feels like it once did?

That was a lifetime ago. The sad thing is, this November..It will be 16 years since my dad left. He will have been gone for the same number of years that I had him here.

And now, 16 years later- my heart is forced to prepare to say goodbye again…this time to my mum. I’m only 31. Can you loose both parents at such an early age?

It doesn’t seem right. When do you ever stop needing your Mum?

When do you ever feel prepared to say “goodbye”?

What will we do at all of the special occasions, that suddenly won’t seem as “special” without her?

Even so, I know that I am blessed. Blessed because some people don’t have this many years with their parents.

My nanna lost both her parents one Christmas Eve. They lived in the country. I don’t think the railway crossings had flashing lights, or maybe they were just distracted. Probably thinking about their Christmas plans. My nanna always said her mum loved Christmas. That was It- the train came before they could stop their car in time.

I’m also grateful that this time, there is the change to say “goodbye”. With my dad, there was only a brief note from my dad. It didn’t have anything powerful enough to comfort my heart. Any suicide note feels empty, I’m guessing.

This time, we have time. Maybe not long enough together. But I get to hug my mum. Last week, I snuck into her room once my girls fell asleep. And I asked my mum quietly: “Are you awake, Mum?”

She replied: “Yes, darling”.

So I crawled into her bed, and asked her to snuggle me. Like when I was younger, still a little girl. We cried. I told her that I couldn’t picture life without her. I told her that I’m too young to loose her. I told her…that she has been the best mum ever! That I’m so incredibly proud of her.

And after all the tears and tissues- we laughed. We laughed at the funny things that we could remember. The good times and the crazy times.

The process of losing mum is so surreal. But it is still a gift. Many people don’t get to say goodbye. So, I thank God for the memories I’m still creating with my mum now.

And mum and I can see God’s fingerprints in each day. We see how God is carrying our family through this process. We can still see the goodness of God, despite the pain.

“Lord, you see my heart. You see the tears and the grief and the fear of losing my mum. And you see hers. You know her pain. But Lord, thank you for the treasures you have hidden along this path. The kindness of friends and family. The peace that surpasses all understanding. Thank you that we know that mum loves you. And I thank you for the joy that awaits her in Heaven, with you. “

Love always Kelly xx

He’s already prepared the way.

I felt God’s presence today in lots of quiet moments, while walking around Innes national park.

At one point I was walking, and in front of me was a little area for sitting & resting.

See the resting spot in the distance?

As I got closer, I saw a staircase leading towards the beach.

It was at this moment, I felt God leading me. ‘Do you want to see where it leads?’ Like an invitation.

At each level of the stairs, there was something interesting to look at. Something to enjoy and appreciate. An opportunity to pause and take a photo. Moments to look closer at the details of God’s creation.

I was in my element! (Maybe, because mum was watching my girls back in the car, so I was alone!?!?🤣😂)

I walked down to the beach. It was stunning. It was windy and loud, the waves crashing In the distance!

I felt the Holy Spirit whisper to my heart. I sensed God had led me here, a mini gift during this mini getaway. It was my mum who chose to come here, but God still knows how to captivate my heart.

As I began to retrace my steps back up the stairs, I felt God highlight something else.

Someone else had gone before me and prepared to make a way for me. Someone else had made this moment possible for me. Without the builder, I couldn’t access the beach. Without the stairs, there would be no way for me to continue down to the beachfront unharmed.

Isn’t that what God does for each of us? He prepares the way for us. He goes before us, giving us His strength to do the impossible.

Thank you Lord, that you go before us. Your mercies are new every morning. You lead us besides still waters, you restore my soul.

Thank you Jesus, that you prepared the way for us long ago. At the cross. Thank you for the gift of salvation, because without you it would be impossible to access Heaven in our own strength.

Love always Kelly xx

Adventures with the oldies 😁

Today we had an adventure! Mum, aunty Shirley and I were excited to go explore Inner national park! Haven and Brielle were less than excited! But as the above photo shows: we did get evidence of Brielle smiling- while she hitchhiked a ride in Haven’s pram!

Although the scenery was spectacular and the views were photo-worthy….I have to tell you something….

We were attacked!!! I was the primary target of the group. I was visiously attacked repeated by horse flies!!!! They looked sweet and innocent at the time: until they bit me!!

And not only did they bite, unprovoked I might add! They also chased us! Seriously! Aggressive, attacking horse flies! I was not impressed😐

I think mum enjoyed Today. It was a nice time together as a family. We feel refreshed.

My final note is funny. We got locked out of our holiday house! It just wouldn’t unlock! I tried. Aunty Shirley tried. Even mum gave it a go! No success! Finally- Brielle took things into her own hands! 😛

After all attempts failed: we had to contact the owner. Owner Brett saved the day! He brought his set of keys and they worked. After swapping the keys over, so we wouldn’t be locked out again- Mr Brett left, waving goodbye after a job well done!

Now, it’s time for a little afternoon rest!

Love always Kelly xx

The bucket list.

In a few of my recent posts, I’ve shared that my mum is unwell. Stage 4 cancer. Primary bowel (which was treated and no longer detectable), and now secondary liver and lung cancer.

So mum has decided she wants to enjoy whatever time she has left!

I asked her a few weeks ago: “Mum, is there anything you’ve always wanted to do?”

Mum: “well actually I’ve always wanted to go to the York peninsula. There’s a beautiful park called Innes national park”. Then mum laughed and said: “It’s on my bucket list!!!” 😆

So here we are! My mum (Patricia) my aunty Shirley, Haven, Brielle and myself. ❤ girl’s trip!!!!

Looking at my mum- it is very deceiving. She looks happy and well! The first part is true, mum is courageous and has joy in the Lord. The well part is definitely not true. On the outside, you wouldn’t think that she’s sick. It’s all hidden on the inside. Plus, mum comes alive with company!

She loves all the people who have come to visit. It brings her joy, even though she is physically getting more tired and more uncomfortable.

Mum is determined to do a few more of these mini holidays! She loves anything that has natural beauty. She loves beautiful scenery.

Apparently, the cancer council may have a lovely place that patients can stay for a little getaway? We would love to do that, too!

So off we go!! To “seize the day!” Thank you Lord, for an opportunity to escape and enjoy a mini holiday.

Love always Kelly xx

Our detours maybe God’s path.

We usually associate detours with inconvience. Detours change the direction we intended to go.

Yesterday, I was driving ‘Home’ to my mum’s house. There was a road block up ahead of me, and a sign saying “detour”. The detour sign made me laugh, because it lead me straight onto mum’s street. So I thought to myself: ‘How funny that the detour is actually taking me where I needed to go!”

God spoke to my heart in that moment!!! I felt like the Lord was saying: “I’m taking you to the place you need to go.”

Maybe the ‘Detours’ in our lives are God leading us where we need to go!?!

Mum’s cancer seems like a pretty horrible road black and definitely not where we intended to go as a family.

I know that God is good. You can’t convince me otherwise! Because I’ve experienced too much with Him, to blame God for anything.

I know God didn’t purposely give my mum cancer! I believe that mum HAS cancer, but that through this process…God can still work ‘all things together for good’ (Romans 8:28)

So each day I am trying to remind myself of this truth in God’s word.

So each day, my prayer is:

“God please lead me along the right path. Guide my steps. Lead me gently. Carry me in your arms. Give me faith and courage, especially when the road ahead looks too hard. Thank you Jesus, you’re not done with me yet.”

Love always Kelly xx